The human race is blessed with extracting much more value out of their lives than any other living form on earth. Apart from science, art, and medicine, we have found our worth of being in travel as well. We travel for needs and desires both, although the latter is the much more convincing reason to do so. Travel for leisure is much more satisfying than going for business. In the olden days, journeying around the world was not easy at all. People would leave their home and return after years. In extreme cases, they would never even return. Despite all odds, nothing has stopped people from traveling around the world even today. Travel transforms the personality of people and makes them more creative.

Problem-solving skills

Travel, when you do it on your own without depending on anyone, increases your problem-solving skills. Right from the moment when you start planning for your journey to the time when you return home, you have to find solutions to a lot of problems. You need to find out the best hotel in your budget, good restaurants to eat, and the maximum things to do at your destination in the minimum time possible. All these concerns force your mind to look for various answers and adopt the best one.

Team building

Whether you travel with your colleagues, family, or friends; you have to work as a team. Since you are going to be together for a long time, you need to do things and be at places that suit everyone. Even if someone does not agree to something, it becomes the duty of everyone else to take him or her along. Considering the thoughts and opinions of everyone makes a good team. You need to maintain good relations with your co-travelers so that you can return home as friends, not foes.


It is in the genes of every Indian to be creative in every field. They are taught since childhood to find creative solutions to the problems. While booking a hotel, for example, we would try our best to crack a deal and find the best room possible at the cheapest price available. Similarly, while dealing with other problems, we see imaginative solutions to problems. Finding branded clothes at dirt-cheap prices is one of the fortes of travelers, be it from India or abroad. You will always find travelers with numerous accessories that they would have bought from some remote corner of the world to make their journeys easier, or they would have created them on their own. It is fascinating to look at such things with travelers while they deal with life so casually, unlike others.

Broaden the mind

When we live a confined life, we cannot think outside the box. However, when we start traveling beyond our city, we learn about new things around the world. In India, Oregano was a new condiment until a few years ago. We would associate Oregano only with Dominoes Pizza. However, as people traveled abroad, they discovered many uses as well as health benefits of this fantastic condiment. Similarly, the concept of Car Hire was never known until five years ago. Nonetheless, more than half the population of India is now aware of renting a car without a driver to go for a vacation.

It is incredible to observe how people evolve when they travel. We can never be the same once we make it to the mountains or the beaches. Being a traveler changes our sense of being forever no matter where we go or what we do at a new destination.

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