The tourists and travelers are similar to and different from each other in many ways. One can be a traveler and a tourist at the same time. However, you may be wondering how these two terms are different. A tourist is a person who likes to see different places, but in his or her comfort zone. He would not like to sacrifice much on the urban facilities, even if it means dodging a few gorgeous sights of the new city. On the other hand, a traveler is someone who travels light, goes around without any tour package, and can live a challenging life without complaining. You can be a traveler and a tourist at the same time. Let us see how it is possible.

Analyze the time in hand

Depending on the time you have in hand, you can plan your itinerary. It is absolutely understandable that people get a limited number of leaves from work, no matter they are in job or business. Therefore, they want to make the most of their vacation time. When you go to a new country, you would want to visit at least the famous tourist destinations. After you are done doing the touristy things, you would move ahead to see the offbeat places.

Interacting with people

You don’t have to look down upon yourself if you find yourself a little too shy to talk to the locals. Although it is good that you communicate about the local customs, foods, and places with the native people, but there is no such rule that you have to do it. You may be tired, shy, or reserved. You may not want to open up to random people and just be a tourist without feeling guilty. However, when you feel energized to have small talk with the locals, nothing like it. You will feel good to know the new facts about the place you are visiting.

Dressing up

Tourists are often considered insensitive to the local standards of clothing. They wear clothes what they think are comfortable for them, and hardly pay attention to what seems appropriate in particular scenarios. Prefer not to wear offensive clothing when you are in conservative countries even if you are a typical tourist. Travelers, on the other hand, are considerate towards the local cultures. They do wear comfortable clothing, but do not forget the local customs. No matter you are a traveler or a tourist, being considerate towards other people’s sentiments is not a hard thing to do.

Traveling around places

A tourist would prefer the most convenient mode of transport, even if it is the cheapest Self-Drive Cars in Bangalore and other cities. A traveler would, however, prefer anything that suits his or her budget. Although it is good to go for the local transport, it does not hurt to spend a little on comfort while traveling, especially when you have to cover long distances.


You cannot resist shopping for souvenirs, no matter who you are. Wherever you go, you would want to buy a few memories. However, spending too much money on unnecessary things does not make sense. You must look for a few more shops and find out the appropriate price for a commodity.

Getting lost

Travelers do not fear getting lost, even if it means struggling a little to reach their hotel. Tourists, however, use Google Maps all the time and never want to lose their way. You can learn a little from both aspects of traveling, and make the best of your time in a new city.

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