If you are really passionate about spiritual awakening then spiritual discipline is most important.

For spiritual awakening to happen there must be that build up of energy and there must be that in-your-face awareness of yourself.

You see, the moment your go for that beer, that glass of wine, that bag of junk food, that sexual release you escape your experience and you lose that build up of energy that was there inside you.

The escape feels good. It feels like a relief, but then afterwards, that Shakti is gone and you are left feeling empty and depressed.

So what happens when you are disciplined:

When you receive shaktipat, when you eat healthy, are disciplined in meditation, in spiritual practice and exercise and you don't go for that drink or drug, you don't distract yourself from this moment and you don't weigh yourself down with densifying foods?

First, there is the build up and flow of Shakti inside you. And that is felt as a bliss or joy that is beyond any emotion or physical experience. It is an unconditional bliss that breathes life into you and awakens you out of duality. It is this very energy that awakens you into enlightenment and spiritual awakening.

This Shakti purifies and cleans away all stress. It begins to permeate every cell of your being so you become Shakti itself.

Second, with the build up of that energy, you are confronted with yourself and your experience in this moment. If you don't escape it with indulgence, then you have no choice but to surrender to your experience, to really be honest about how you find yourself to be in this moment.

And if you can accept that; allow that to be so completely then your attachment to the idea of who you think you are and what you know is broken and you sink through all of the denser levels of experience into that which you are beyond body and mind. You come to spiritual awakening.

You don't escape yourself, rather you dive completely into you as you truly are in this moment and in that you come to find at your essence that you are unconditional peace, you are unconditional love.

Not as an idea, not as an egoic attainment, but beyond the ego, beyond all ideas of yourself there is only that.

And that peace never goes away, it can't go away because it is what you are. This is real spiritual awakening. You realize you are peace, you are Shakti. And everyone around you will feel your bliss.

There are two ways to receive shaktipat. One is through a fully enlightened master, one that effortlessly radiates Shakti.

The other is through sound. Through modern recording equipment, the subtle energy of shaktipat has been recorded and turned into sound. So simply by listening to this “Shakti music” you naturally move into deep meditation and spiritual awakening. To hear free samples, please visit the “Spiritual Awakening CD” website below.

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