To realize oneness in meditation, first we start with the breath, just to help bring us into this moment.

So notice your breathing. Allow yourself to breathe. That may sound strange, as you are already breathing, but really let your attention rest on allowing the breath to freely move in and out of your body. Relax your body all the way into stillness so that breathing is happening effortlessly without your trying to change it in any way. And in that relaxation, allow your attention to rest on allowing yourself to breathe. This is meditation.

Now to help you move into an experience of oneness, while still allowing yourself to breathe, let your attention rest on allowing yourself to feel the sensations you are feeling in this moment. You do not need to notice everything, just notice whatever dominant sensation or sensations you are feeling and allow yourself to feel that. Or simply allow that sensation to be completely.

We are not looking to define or describe the sensations in anyway, but rather to directly feel the sensations as sensations.

To attain oneness in meditation, this practice of conscious allowing is most important; to really allow yourself and your experience to be as you are. Control is the opposite of meditation. If you are trying to control your experience, then you are separating yourself from your experience and this creates stress. And unconsciously, we are constantly trying to control this moment. So in order to experience oneness, it is necessary to consciously allow everything to be as it is.

So here we are giving our attention to allowing our bodies to be as they are, allowing our breathing to be as it is and allowing the sensations that we feel to be as they are. The focus is really on allowing, on surrendering that urge to control this moment. Whatever you feel, allow yourself to feel it. If it brings up fear, simply allow yourself to feel the sensation that you are calling fear. No analysis, for that is another way we try and control the situation. Just allow whatever is here to be.

Just by allowing in this way, you will begin to feel a deep relaxation and all encompassing sense of peace. This is the beginning of oneness.

And now we come to thinking. Meditation is often misunderstood to be about controlling your thoughts. And although some meditation techniques use the repetition of certain words such as a mantra to help focus the mind, here we are just going to allow thinking to be as it is. Let your attention rest on allowing whatever thoughts are there to come and go. Try not to get involved with them as best as you can. You simply notice a thought arising and you allow it to come and go.

If you give your attention on allowing the thinking, then automatically, you will begin to watch thoughts happening. And once you can witness thoughts coming and going all on their own in meditation, you will enter a deep state of oneness.

It is very freeing, yes? To simply allow yourself to be as you are, to allow yourself to feel what is here in this moment. Just this simple practice of allowing can move you into a state of oneness in meditation. Because it is in control that we separate ourselves from what is here. By trying to make this moment different than it is we are at war with this moment, and the feeling of that is conflict and separation.

But by allowing this moment to be as it is, we effortlessly move into a deep state of meditation. By allowing our breathing, by allowing thoughts to come and go and by allowing ourselves to feel whatever sensations we are feeling, the sense of separation begins to melt away and we begin to experience a peaceful state of oneness. In meditation we begin to experience everything as a flow of energy. And the experience of that flow of energy is bliss.

If you are really serious about experiencing deep states of oneness in meditation then it is most important that you receive Shaktipat. Most often, you would receive Shaktipat from an enlightened master of meditation. But you can also receive Shaktipat through sound.

Simply by listening to some beautiful meditation music with a very unique and natural sound technology based on Shaktipat you begin to experience bliss. And by letting your attention rest on that feeling of bliss, you enter profound states of meditation and oneness.

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