When you do yoga, your entire body is improved. All tensions & anxieties reside in the mind. Feelings of anxiety, disappointment, grief, envy, control, avarice, and many more create niches in our minds, which come up again to the surface subconsciously creating mood swings & tensions. Muscular tension, emotional tension, & mental tension are the three kinds of tension. These can be dealt with by yoga exercises.

Muscle tension can be found in hormonal imbalances, in digestive problems, in the nervous system, or in any illness. There are some tests that measure them. This can be handled most easily. Use a Hatha yoga plan of pranayam & asanas to manage them.

The tensions which are emotional in nature come from feelings of happiness, success, love, hate, failure, death, and many more. When emotions dominate our wisdom, it makes people run after the material pleasures of life, which takes you on the road to disappointment. Sometimes, our emotions are unpredictable and hard to control. If you cannot express it clearly and suppress it, it would leave a person high-strung. Releasing these tensions thru dreams is good. Besides that, should be handled with Bhakti or Karma yoga.

Bhakti yoga is relinquishing all your burdens to a higher force. The higher force could be your God or just someone with authority. It should be recognized that all things that occur is according to his will. It is the love for this higher force that will be your beacon of light.

Karma yoga does not entail physical posturing like asanas. This yoga is of the mental kind, that is disciplining the emotions, the mind, & the senses. You can do this when you are at work or at home while doing chores. This yoga is developing the attitude of working unconditionally without anticipating any reward. With this mindset, you wouldnt have to worry about excess baggage. This discipline takes years to master.

Real root cause of mental tension is too much brain activity. Our mind is a vortex of fantasies and ideas. As years go by, these things multiply in power & quantity. Our mood swings are created with the accumulation of these things. Before it starts to affect everything around you, it is imperative that the mind is detoxified. Meditation is the best solution.

We can find a lot of types of meditation and all you have to do is choose the right one for you. Yoga has three varieties of this: Antar Mouna, Mantra Japa, & Yoga Nidra.

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