Self growth and personal development can take the shape of any form at all. It involves improving one’s skills and qualities as well as setting targets to reach their goal or life aspiration just to improve yourself one way or the other.

Writing is a medium used by many people to enhance self growth. The process has brought millions to a realization of their life worth, hidden talents and skills and in the process resulting in self growth.

Writing isn’t only reserved for copywriters, authors or people who use it as a source of income. In fact, it should be used by everyone. Many therapists recommend keeping a daily journal to get through life and surprisingly it does help.

Bringing out at least 30 minutes of your time every day to write down a few things has a very big positive impact to your life and self growth. Here we will give you a few tips on how writing improves one’s self growth.

Tips on how writing improves self growth
Ease of mental stress

With daily responsibilities, it can take a dangerous toll on one’s mental health. I know how difficult it can get especially if you have so much bills to pay and have to work every day. Writing can help ease of the stress accumulated from so much thinking.

By writing things down, you get to plan yourself, draw up schedules, keep track of bills to pay, write daily inspirational quotes or whatever it is you want that can help keep you on tract.

People go as far as opening a website, not JUSR for the revenue or profits you may get from SEO writing, but to do something they love as well as help others in need of information.

Writing improves your vocabulary

Believe it or not, people who engage in writing all the time use better words and diction when speaking or writing. The art of writing pushes you to learn new words, improve your diction and command of English.

This is one of the reasons why authors or senior English lectures, speak very fluently. They use big words you may not have heard of before.

Apart from learning new words, writing also improves and widens your knowledge on different areas of life. With constant studying and reading to improve your diction, you stand a chance to learn new things.

Writing helps reduce anxiety

Life is not a bed of roses, lots of problems stir up at different times in our lives. Sometimes, they may come back to back and you get so frustrated and anxious and stressed out. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Writing down all your problems and possible solutions is a way to handle it. With that, your tension and anxiety level are reduced allowing you tackle your problems one step at a time. And with time it’ll be all over.

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The art of writing pushes you to learn new words, improve your diction and command of English.