"Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail," the great Italian inventor, mathematician, and painter Leonardo da Vinci said. Da Vinci who is probably one of the most talented individuals who ever lived paid great importance to perfection, and he has inspired generations to strive for that intersection of beauty and impeccability.

Just like one of the most-admired artisans, every individual’s sense of style is a journey toward an expression of uniqueness. One’s self is a blank canvas that evolves as one picks clothes to wear and accessories to complete their get-up.

Accessories are the little details that make an outfit more interesting. They help define personal preferences and tastes. Overall, accessories contribute a good deal to expressing an individual’s unique style.

At WearWoodz Shop, they have a wide range of accessories made with love from nature. Their collection of wooden sunglasses, wooden phone cases, and wooden watches are uniquely beautiful amid a world of mass-produced fashion accessories.

Aside from being a reminder of nature’s beauty, the line of wooden accessories come in different styles and will surely fit any style personality:


These individuals look effortlessly beautiful and prefer to embrace tradition by going for the basics. Classicists tend to go for the staple pieces of accessories that often have stood the test of time.

The wood sunglasses, watches, and phone cases made from top-quality materials and crafted by world-class makers under the umbrella of WearWoodz Shop are all practical and dependable. Following classic design elements while being functional at the same time, make the wooden accessories a perfect addition to a classicist’s collection.


Elegance is being in harmony with things that are sophisticated and polished. The elegant individual is admired for their poise and self-assurance. It is often about the quality of the piece over quantity when deciding which to buy and which to wear.

Be it one of the wooden watches, mobile phone cases, or sunglasses, the piece will surely help resonate with that individual’s sense of refinement.


If one is looking for a set of accessories sans any froufrou, wooden accessories offer that natural style that will make them feel at home. While being unpretentious and functional, these accessories are perfect for those looking for a laid back look that exudes open-mindedness and approachability.


The dramatic enter a scene with commanding confidence. Luxurious and bold might be the perfect combination for these exciting and ostentatious individuals.

The craftsmanship of wooden accessories is not limited to producing subtle pieces. Shapes can be exotic and colors can be bold, making them a great addition to the wardrobe of such individuals who want to be playful through their accessories.


The maverick does not care about trends. Rules are dropped. Those with a creative fashion personality put unexpected accessories together and flawlessly wow everyone with their combinations.

Wooden accessories can go well with other pieces and the creative always demonstrates that eclectic control and allure.

Whether you are still trying to discover your unique personal style or already confident with how you express yourself through your clothes and accessories, the WearWoodz Shop’s collection of wooden sunglasses, wood watches, and wooden phone cases offers you the best wooden accessories to help you stick to basics and the edge to get creative.

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