Choosing the right garage door for your house is surely an important decision to make. It is not untrue that a garage door can totally change the appearance of your house since it directly affects the front portion of the house. Hence, you need to choose the door which is perfect for your house and tends to complement its beauty. There are different types of garage doors these days offered by various companies. However, the material which you eventually choose for your door depends on the type of look that you require.
If you are one of those people who would like to give a traditional and “warm” look to your house, then you are surely at the right place. The best solution for you is to get a wooden garage door! In fact, in case your house has a wooden interior, then you must opt for a wooden garage door since it will perfectly fit in with the overall look of your house. Wooden doors of different styles are available at “Overhead Door”, from where you can get the best door for your house. The biggest advantage of purchasing garage door opener and doors from this company is that you can later get entitled to their amazing garage door service. Moreover, they also offer amazing garage door repair, garage door maintenance and garage door opener repair services right at your doorstep. What else would one possible want?
Let us have a look at some of the wooden garage doors which are available for you to buy from Overhead Door.

Flush Garage Door Panels
These doors come in a traditional look. These type of doors will surely complement the style of your house exterior and will give it a more traditional look. In fact, their generic design enables them to match with exterior look of most of the houses out there. You can also get customized wooden doors made by giving your own design.

Rail and Stile garage door panels
These type of doors are best suited to those homeowners who wish to add a natural look to the exterior of their houses. These doors are made of hardboard panels and are overlaid with thin stiles and rails. This is what gives them a unique and attractive look. Moreover, these doors are available in both raised and framed panel designs. You are free to choose the design that complements the architecture of your house.

Some other factors to consider
Once you have chosen the style for your wooden garage door, there are a couple of other factors to keep in mind as well.
• Color
These wooden doors can also be painted to match your house’s look. You should choose a color which looks best with your house’s exterior.

• Warranty
Most of the doors by ”Overhead Door” come with a fixed warranty of one year. So in case anything goes wrong during this time, you can get your door changed or repaired without any problem.

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