Why do women test men?

Women test men for a lot of good reasons, but particularly to check out how guys will react. Understand that attractive ladies are getting hit on everyday so they have to be in a position to shortly tell if you might be somebody that is just a waste of her time or in case you are someone who is in fact worth her time. Testing a guy is an ideal way for a lady in making this big difference and place you in either a serious relationship, fling, or friend category.

Getting hurt is the one thing women don’t need to experience. Women test men to refrain from this feeling. In advance of giving her heart away to a man, a woman will want to make certain that she will not get her heart broken. Therefore to save herself from getting played, a lady will most likely try to confuse a man by acting disinterested and making him jealous in order to convey to a guy that she is not easy and never to be used.

Here is how women test men?

Listed below are a number of the typical test women give to men in order to test them.

1) Requesting for a delicate favor for example holding her drink

2) Asking you to get her anything such as a drink

3) Asking you outrageous dead end questions which do not make sense similar to "Am I overweight?"

4) Postponing a date surprisingly or flaking on you

5) Not calling or texting back

6) Insulting you or making fun of you

7) Giving you an ultimatum

8) Acting bitchy to find out if you are likely to put up with her behavior

9) Teasing with other fellas in front of you

10) Teasing you with making love and trying to make you ask for it

As expected there are plenty more means women test men, but the ones I have listed above pretty much all of us have experienced and can serve as a base for recognizing test patterns.

So why do you prefer women to test you?

Being tested by a woman means that you’ve successfully attracted her. This only shows that she plans on taking the next step towards knowing you better. Take it into consideration: women usually do not test fellas which are certainly not drawn to. Instead, society forces women to act with good grace and respectfully to guys they are not drawn to- kind of like how you act towards a cashier in a food store. So in the case if a woman you prefer is treating you too fine, then its time to be a little worried.

And additionally if you are passing all of her tests, you're giving yourself a big, big advantage in creating more attraction than some other dude that's attempting to go for her. You're isolating yourself as the clear choice for her given that you're proving her that regardless of what happens, you're will still be in command of yourself.

What should you do whenever women test men?

Well, there is only one thing it is possible to do- cry. Just kidding around. I have found that you've more or less two best ways to handle a woman's tests.

Ignoring Them

Pay no attention to the things she’s telling and act normal. When a woman tests you, she's wanting to throw you off harmony psychologically. By disregarding or otherwise responding to what she talked about, you're acting emotionally unaffected with the test and you aren't permitting yourself fall into the trap.

Testing Her Back

Evaluating her with the exact same test she used unto you will be as simple as it sounds. Be very impressed on the way she responds to it. Through testing her back, you're also telling her indirectly that you are on to her tests and so you speak her language.

Having a laugh

Loosen up the situation by adding a bit of fun to it. When you're having fun and enjoying yourself even while she's testing you, she'll be aware that she's dealing with somebody that doesn't take tiny issues so significantly.

And that's all tests from women are- insignificant.

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