Wireless hardware is what is required in every big office as well as a corporation; the reason behind this is quite simple as Internet is something that has become the essence of the corporate world. Cisco, a company that has been at the top of the chain for years is known throughout the world for top-notch devices in terms of networking hardware.

Though, nowadays, this company is getting great competition from one other manufacturer of wireless routers and radios, namely, Ubiquiti Networks. In the past few years, Ubiquiti has seen some great deal on the influence over the consumer market. The reason for this is simple as not only they offer customer care services that are top of the class, but also their devices are pretty solid. More or less, they are the top competitors of Cisco right now.

In order to help buyers make the best choce, we are going to cover both Cisco and Ubiquiti in quite a number of terms. The basis on which we are going to compare the two is Hardware, Management, Support, and Configuration. So, without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

  • Hardware: Without a doubt, in the hardware department no company can overshadow Cisco, though, we can say the very same thing for all the devices that are manufactured by Ubiquiti Networks. That too, for all of their products despite the price range. Though, additional features like signal boosting and controlling, are where Cisco wins by a pretty negligible margin.
  • Management: RouterOS is one of the things that play a great role in the overall satisfaction of the user. This is simply because it is used quite a lot and can help the Professionals in completing a lot of tasks without much effort. Now, both of these companies have their own set of Operating systems that can get the Router operations done. Though, when the User Interface of Ubiquiti Networks’ Router Operating system is quite a lot better than Cisco’s.
  • Support: Customer support is quite an important aspect if we look into it. This is because not every user of the products manufactured by these companies is familiar with the technical terms. Also, one can find professionals with Ubiquiti training courses and the same for the Cisco but for quite an amount of money.
    So, these are some of the things that make support an important variable. Now, when we compare Cisco and Ubiquiti in these terms, we can say that it’s a tie. This is because, while Ubiquiti’s support team is better and highly trained, Cisco’s support team is operational in quite a large region.
  • Configuration: Complexity is not the best thing every time. Especially when we talk about configuration, it is always helpful to go for the one which is simple and easy to get through with. Now, in this respect, Ubiquiti is a winner for sure as not only it offers a superior interface, it is quite easy to get familiar with all the tools and features present in it. Unlike Cisco, for which you will have to devote some time to it in order to understand its working.
  • Price: Last but not the least; Price is also one of the important variables. This is because the pieces of equipment are most of the time pretty costly and so if the functionality of both of the companies is pretty much the same, but Ubiquiti’s price is less than Cisco, it is very common that people surely would prefer it over the other.

Now, as we have taken into consideration most of the important factors, we can say that Ubiquiti might be lacking in one or two factors but, the things that matter the most are greatly in its favor. So, it makes it quite clear that Ubiquiti is going to overthrow the Networking management giant, Cisco.

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