There are two ways you can organise your office, partitioned and open. Open office plans involve workers sharing the same space with one another. On the other hand, in a office partitioning system, workers are either given private rooms to work in or the room is subdivided to offer some kind privacy to each worker. A partitioned system can also be more expensive to out in place so there must be noticeable increases in productivity in order to make it worthwhile.

Workers will be able to arrange their own space the way they want when offices have been subdivided. This way, every worker is able to redesign the office environment to what makes them feel comfortable. A comfortable worker is happy; a happy worker is more productive.

Some people are of the opinion that the partitioned system limits communication among colleagues. This is not always the case as it has been noted that a lot of commumication that takles place in an open office has no benefit to the company. Issue that have nothing to do with work are often disceussed in detaiuls which results in company time being wasted. Office partitioning means only useful communication is more likely to occur.

There can be a lack of trust and a feeling of being watch when in an open office setting. In a office partitioning system, every employee has privacy; consequently, they are free to experiment on their work without necessarily being questioned. This way, an employee only presents his or her best copy of work after proper experimentation. Open offices can be confusing. It could be the case that one employee is briefing other members of staff but on the other side of the room a team is working had to finish a project, This can cause a disturbance for those who need calm and quiet to finish their work. Another issue is that all office supplies and are used by the who office which can cause confusion and possible misuse. In a partitioned room system, office supplies and equipments are given to specific employees thus easily monitored.

If there is a disease outbreak in an open office plan, it will easily spread to all employees. This is particularly prevalent with ailments such as colds and flu due to the fact they are airborne. Productivity levels will fall if your employees are ill. In order to maximise the space available to you, first consult and office partitioning expert to advise on the best course of action. Ask the opinion of your staff too. Find a happy medium between both systems.

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The author enjoys writing articles about efficiency in the workplace and believes that effective office partitioning is essential in any well managed company.