“Dance with Fear. Dance with done. Dance with resistance. Dance with each other. Dance with Art.”

I love to Dance!

Even when I don’t get it “right”.

There is such freedom in dancing to your own funky beat!!

Finding the freedom around your fears can be a little more challenging though. Especially when they’re doing their best to keep you small, and are holding you back from achieving your full capacity as a leader.

Dancing with your fears though is just that, a dance.

Who is leading and who is following? Is your lizard brain leading the dance, moving you about through your world? Or are You in charge, consciously choosing where you’re going and how you’re moving through your life, your work and your leadership?

I’ve discovered that when something really scares me, it means that I’m heading in the right direction. Heading to a place of growth and learning which happens to be just outside my comfort zone… the place where my inner critics don’t want me to go.

The trick is to keep going though. To keep pushing past the edge of your comfort zone, because once stretched, You, will not return to that smaller more confined and limited space inside your mind.

Today’s Pondering Questions: What’s one fear that can you overcome today? Even if it’s just by taking one step in the direction that scares you outside of your comfort zone?

Author's Bio: 

Michele Molitor, CPCC, PCC is the Founder of Nectar Consulting, Inc. Working with executives and entrepreneurs worldwide, Michele brings over 24 years of experience, strategic business savvy and intuitive insights to her clients. Her unique, inside-out approach serves as a catalyst to challenge status quo thinking, eliminate blockages to success, and helps her clients enhance their capacity as a leader, build high performing teams and exponentially increase bottom line results.

As a nationally recognized inspirational speaker, certified executive coach, consultant, trainer, and author, Michele will light you up on her mission to assist you in becoming an extraordinary leader.

If you’d like to find some new dance moves, then contact Michele http://www.nectarconsulting.com/contact-us/ to schedule your complimentary ‘Authentic Leadership’ strategy session to take the lead over your fears.