There is no denying the fact that photobooths are a great source of entertainment. However in this current outbreak it has raised concerns among entertainment organisers as they are doubting the safety of such entertainment booths. Meanwhile there are experts who still believe that photo-booths can turn out as a great source of joy especially when they are set up after complying with rules and regulations issued in the best interest of guests and hosts.

New measures for setting up of photobooths

With the destruction of peace and health, people are now conscious about the environment they have to deal with. Its a fact owing to the recent restrictions, events like weddings and parties are constantly being affected. Gatherings have turned limited with a restricted number of invitees. Being a part of event organising photobooth set-ups too have been influenced by the pandemic.

Additional measures are undertaken by event authorities when it comes to choosing wedding photobooth hire in Melbourne. The setups have changed and so have the ways with which people would interact with each other at a photo-booth. In the following lines we will discuss how these photo corners are set up:

  • Implementing social distancing for guests standing in queues to get photographed. Marking a 6ft difference among guests at the station.
  • Setting up the open air booth which doesn’t restrict people or trigger a spread. It is believed that the virus spreads more in enclosed areas. An open air photobooth is the ideal set up for enthusiasts who love to get clicked.
  • Limiting the photography sessions to ensure that the gatherings don’t last long.
  • Eliminating props from the scene. This actually is supposed to curb chances of spread through surface contact. Zero props mean lesser chances of contamination.
  • Getting an attendant appointed at the booth. This is one of the most effective ways to ensure that peace and healthiness is maintained at a photobooth. The attendant will start the photobooth and ensure that guests are following norms as expected of them.
  • Moreover the photos will be placed at pick up points so that guests can pick their photos without getting into any confusion.
  • Availability of hand sanitisers is one of the most effective ways to curb the chances of spread. Every person entering the photo-booth will be given an amount of sanitiser in hand to eliminate chances of spread.

While looking for cheap photobooth hire prices always make sure you don’t compromise on the quality of service. You must hire a service that stays in compliance with recent pandemic norms. This is how you can control the spread while adding to the entertainment factor of an event.

Remember in this time of the pandemic it is vital that you keep a note of the essential tools mentioned here to ensure that the party mood stays high while people invited to the event stay out of threat. Upon following these rules it will become easier for guests to communicate at a photobooth. Hence you must only pay attention to hiring a booth that prioritises your needs as a customer. The services should be in compliance with precautionary rules laid down by the Government.

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