Businesses like call centers and BPOs use multiple solutions to effectively run their businesses. The call center software is one of the solutions used by call centers and BPOs. Generally, the call center software comes with a wide array of features. The call centers and BPOs can get all required features to run calling campaigns. Even if the call center solution comes with all features and the remaining can be added by investing in custom development, the call centers and BPOs often use certain additional solutions to run their inbound and outbound campaigns. This article talks about a WebRTC based webphone that can be used with the call center software to leverage multiple benefits.

What is WebRTC based web phone?

WebRTC stands for web real-time communication. It can be used to build any type of communication feature based on the need of an organization or business. For the call centers and BPOs, one can get a web phone which can have a calling and instant messaging features that can be used by the agents. The WebRTC based web phone is actually a SIP Softphone similar to mobile SIP dialer and PC dialer. The difference is that it can be used without any additional installations and configurations. It can also be integrated in the call center software. Once the web phone is integrated into the call center solution, it will work as one of the inbuilt features in the call center solution.

Key benefits of integrating web phone in the call center solution:

In multiple ways, a WebRTC based web phone benefits its users when used along with the call center solution after integration. We will review the top 3 benefits of web phone integrated call center software:

1. No additional solutions needed for communication

There are many call centers and BPOs that use PC dialer which is more popularly known as SIP Softphone for computers in addition to the call center solution to run calling campaigns and to take care of other types of communication. A WebRTC based web phone is similar to any standard Softphone. It offers all communication features one can access and use in the Softphone. Also, the web phone gets integrated within the call center solution. Thus, the agents don’t need to juggle between multiple solutions. A single solution, call center software is enough for all types of communication.

2. Ease of management

The call center software with a web phone is a single solution. This makes use and management of the solution easier. The agents will not need to manage different login credentials, different software, or similar products. This makes the management of the solutions for agents easier.

3. Save money

When one organization uses more than one solution for any purpose, the cost related to that solution also gets increased. Thus, by using a web phone integrated into the call center solution will reduce the costs to be spent on maintenance and management of multiple solutions.

These are the top 3 benefits of using the call center software with an integrated web phone. One can also get it integrated within an existing call center software.

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