There is no doubt that a Sales quoting software, an easy-to-use platform has made it simple to handle quoting activity, yet it has its own limitations. It is an on-premise tool, meaning taking your quoting activity outside the office, can be extremely difficult. With sales reps always on the go, meeting clients from one location to another, keeping quoting activity restricted to the office doesn’t make sense.

Keeping sales reps tied to the office for creating quotes can severely hamper their performance. Every time a prospects requests a quote via email or through telephonic conversation, the sales rep has to be in the office to create a quote.

Online Sales Quoting – The Need of the Hour

To address issues associated with on-premise versions, it is advised to use cloud-based Quoting software. These web-based applications depend on the Internet to function. Cloud computing has proven to be a highly efficient and reliable way of doing business. It completely eliminates the need to invest in expensive infrastructure or waste time in installation to run the web-based quoting system. This is the biggest benefit that organizations can reap and focus more on business growth.

Web-based quoting tools have shown to maximize the performance of the sales team as they are no longer fixed and immobile to manage quoting activity. Online Sales Quoting guarantees workplace mobility, which means you can work from anywhere. Whether you are is in a coffee shop, on the train or at home, you will face no issues in managing quotes as long as your laptop is connected to a reliable Internet connection.

The cloud-based quoting system will give your organization the ability and flexibility it needs to handle quoting activity from anywhere. These tools completely remove the barriers to workplace mobility. So if you have created a quote using an online quoting tool, it is possible to access it from any Internet-enabled device.

You can send a quote right during a client meeting; no need to go to the office and make the client wait to get a quote. Ability to send and manage quotes from anywhere is the hallmark of using cloud-based Sales quoting software.

As far as affordability is concerned, web quoting systems are easy on your pocket as they are available on a subscription basis. It is essentially a subscription-based model that involves paying a monthly fee for using the cloud-based quoting application.

Mobile Quoting Apps – Create Quotes on the Go

As a sales rep, do you want to manage your quoting process on the fly? Are you stressed up from the burden of carrying your laptop? Looking for a better way to handle your quoting activity? If yes, just download some of the most popular mobile quoting apps into your smartphones. Once, you have done it, you can use your smartphones to handle some of the most ‘complex sales’ scenario.

Don’t want to use a web-based IT product quoting software? Well, you can use its mobile extension and create complex quotations on smartphones, tablets, and iPads. Mobile phones for quote management provides the highest level of access and productivity.

Ability to create quotes on the run, anywhere anytime is something every sales rep is looking for. With your Samsung Galaxy, you can configure IT products and quote them accurately. So whenever you receive a request for a quote, it can be fulfilled instantly, irrespective of location and time. Yes! Anytime anywhere quoting is possible, provided you use a mobile quoting app for your day-to-day business needs.

On the whole, if you want to move beyond your office to manage quoting, it is necessary to adopt a web-based quoting solution for managing quotes.

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