Let’s imagine for a moment that we are each equal in some aspects to a chunk of time… we sort of are, right? And let’s imagine that our minds are similar to a fine time piece, because in some ways it is. We are gloriously complex and beautiful in our craftsmanship. And like a fine time piece, our mind goes ticking through our chunk of time, every second a separate function, and for each function there is a result. A tiny piece of time… a tiny piece of who we are. A tick.

And as tiny as each tick might be, we can’t skip any of them. Not one. They all make up who we are as a whole.


So with this analogy, let's look at your life… your "chunk of time". You go through life making tough choices (ticks) and looking out for yourself and for those you love, right? And while you are doing this (ticking), there are hidden gears and components inside of your mind that help measure and govern things. You measure people with these components, you measure events, you measure meanings and so on. And all of this is going through the beautifully crafted inner workings of your mind. So what if parts of your mind were calibrated a little off? It's possible, right? I can tell you for a fact mine was!


Let's now take the analogy further and look at the people responsible for calibrating the components of our minds. These are the people, who in the first several years of your life (5 to 7) instilled in you belief and disbelief, tools for acting and reacting, mechanisms for reason that tell us to avoid certain levels of pain or to seek certain levels of pleasure… and that's just the beginning of what they did.

That’s a lot of responsibility for someone who may not have known they were doing any of that, and who in many cases just aren't qualified to do these things. Taking this into consideration, let’s evaluate how we tick again. Isn’t it entirely possible that, knowing what you know now in life, you might be able to tweak and re-calibrate your own components a bit and make your thought and belief mechanisms a bit more efficient? I can tell you that, in most cases, when asked of a reasonable person, the answer to this question is yes.


So, these components inside of you CAN be re-calibrated, or in some cases replaced! And in the hands of a capable personal coach, this can have a dramatically positive and life changing impact on you. Of course, coaches are just like psychologist or psychiatrist or therapist or counselors… in that some are more effective than others.

Each is quite different and might apply the same strategies of self-reconstruction in completely different ways. The real trick is to find the right coach for you! Someone who clicks!

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