Like we list on our website, our Canadian-based agency provides just about every service you could require for digital marketing: logo and graphic design, custom website design and development, SEO and SEM marketing, social media marketing, content writing, copywriting, newsletters, and strategy consulting (phew!).

But sometimes it seems like I could add another service to that list: digital therapist.

That’s because so many of our clients come to us after getting burned by other agencies or web developers.

They’ve often spent a fortune on a website that doesn’t represent their business well and, simply put, doesn’t generate any interest or sales. Not only do they lose money, but they also lose time, momentum, confidence, and often trust in the process.

That’s where my role as a digital therapist comes in.

It’s my job to help clients discover that working with an agency on their business goals can actually be fruitful and fun. I have to show them they can trust again, even if they’ve been burned before.

And that’s just what we did for Deez Skin Rejù & Pain Clinic™.

Dr. Dheshnie Thangavelu is a highly skilled, board-certified anesthesiologist and Master Injector, working in both the anesthetic and aesthetic fields at her clinical medispa practice in downtown Vancouver.

She is also a perfectionist and brilliant professional with a fine eye for detail – qualities that just weren’t coming through in her current website.

And because her existing website failed to both reflect her professional services properly and appeal to her target market, she wasn’t getting any new business.

No wonder she felt burned by the process!

Dr. Thangavelu was seeking a better solution, and that’s how we connected on Instagram. Together, we started working on a complete rebrand and website redesign for her in the fall of 2020.

The result? Dr. Thangavelu now has a professionally compelling online presence that reflects her services and unique selling proposition. And, perhaps just as important, she has a marketing team she can rely on, freeing up her energy to focus on what she does best.

“Susan and Daniel are amazing,” says Dr. Thangavelu. “They turned my website into exactly what I wanted, and everyone has been noticing it.”

Keep reading to see how eVision Media gained Dr. Thangavelu’s trust – and why we’ve kept it.

The project at a glance
There are very few situations where a business needs ‘just’ a website. Our project for Dr. Thangavelu was actually a 9-month phased approach using several members of our team.

Beginning with the branding process, we then moved to keyword research so that we could infuse SEO with the designing and building of the fully optimized website.

Once the site was launched, we continued SEO techniques to ensure the site could be easily found by the clinic’s target audience. We also began a social media and digital marketing campaign for a 6-month period.

And of course, the project also included my hands-on consulting with Dr. Thangavelu to help her realize her bigger goals and dreams.

Let’s break down some of the key components of this journey.

A complete brand and website redesign
We start every client with an in-depth brand analysis to define their unique selling proposition (USP), target audience, company vision, brand positioning and more.

This analysis made it clear we needed a new logo for Deez Skin Reju. Dr. Thangavelu’s existing logo had a dated feel, and it didn’t reflect the clinic’s trendy, high-end aesthetic.

Working closely with Dr. Thangavelu, the final logo design is one she loves and represents her clinic accurately.

Whether you’re brand new to the web or have some experience in this environment, teaming with us offers you a unique combination of creative artistry, technical knowledge, marketing expertise and copywriting capability.

A more user-friendly website
Despite what the commercials may tell you, building a website is not easy. Without proper planning and strategy before you start building, a website is just as likely to confuse potential customers as convert them.

Dr. Thangavelu’s existing website did not position her as the expert in her field, nor did it help users navigate and understand her service options.

That’s why one of the first steps in this web design project was to build a user-friendly navigation system.

This included a MEGA menu that reveals all of the various treatments the clinic offers, along with links to their respective pages. And part of our efforts included sorting through Dr. Thangavelu’s many offerings and products, creating a new smart map to enhance user experience on the website.

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Chances are, you quickly clicked back to find a competitor’s website, where you felt more comfortable and secure.

Your visitors could feel the same way if you don’t pay attention to how you come across to your target audience. That’s why it’s crucial to identify your brand style before you redesign your website.

In this article, I’m going to share five questions you need to answer to determine your business brand identity and create the most effective website possible.

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A creative new VIP program
At eVision Media, we pride ourselves on truly being a one-stop shop when it comes to your online marketing. And as a digital marketing and business consultant, I love working with clients to help them get crystal clear on the strategies they need in place to start making more money.

It’s particularly rewarding to work with strong, intelligent women like Dr. Thangavelu who are excited to take their business to the next level (trust me: you’ll be seeing lots more from this woman in the future, and I personally can’t wait for it).

Through our consultations, we decided a VIP program would be a great incentive to offer Dr. Thangavelu’s clients. Aesthetic procedures are a significant investment, and she wanted to make that investment easier by offering valuable membership advantages.

So, we developed 3 annual membership tiers, which we then implemented on a dedicated page on the new website.

On-going support
Remember how Dr. Thangavelu had been burned by a previous web developer? Well, that was just never going to happen with eVision Media!

Working with us, you’re never left out in the cold. Your success is our success, and we work together with our clients to help them achieve their goals.

Namely, this means we offer Dr. Thangavelu (and all of our clients) reasonably priced website maintenance rates offered in 10-minute increments. This makes it both easy and economical to have ongoing website updates done.

For Deez Skin Rejù & Pain Clinic, this has meant Dr. Thangavelu has been able to adjust her VIP packages, add new services and products, and update her ‘About’ us page to include new staff, all by sending a simple email to us.

Ongoing SEM, content and social media marketing
Of course, our work doesn’t end when the website is complete! To help Dr. Thangavelu’s clinic stay competitive, make sales, increase leads and engage their audience, we have now turned our focus to concentrated SEM and social media campaigns.

SEM stands for search engine marketing, also known as paid search, usually using Google Ads.

By buying traffic that drives to the website, we can fast-track the site’s way to the top of the search results, hopefully increasing sales.

We’ve implemented paid ads on both Google, Facebook and Instagram for Dr. Thangavelu. While her site has only been live for a few months and the ads are still relatively new, we’ve been excited by the quick positive results.

Deez Skin Reju Ad Campaigns

Creating effective online marketing ads requires:

Targeting geographic areas
Creating ad campaigns that speak to the target audiences in those areas
Writing relevant ad copy that will entice and compel their target audience to click on the ad
Monitoring continually for clicks, impressions and conversions
We also write a monthly keyword-rich blog post for the website, further amping up the SEO of the website.

SEO stands for search engine optimization and is a non-paid online marketing strategy that centres around optimizing your website and content with words and phrases that people would type into a search engine.

It plays a big role when we’re building a website, but good SEO also requires fresh, new content on a regular basis.

By using keyword and competitor research, we create monthly blog posts that position Dr. Thangavelu as the expert in her field, and her clinic as the best possible choice for aesthetic treatments in the Vancouver, BC area.

And we also use these blog posts to craft compelling newsletters her audience is loving. Dr. Thangavelu’s last newsletter had a 32% open rate, and a whopping 26% click rate (note the industry average click-through rate is only 2%!).

Clearly, we have established Dr. Thangavelu as a voice to trust, and when she puts out new content, people want to read it!

And of course, social media marketing is our bread-and-butter, just like it’s the bread-and-butter of so many small businesses.

And we’ve got Dr. Thangavelu covered here, too, with her own dedicated social media strategist who keeps her Instagram and Facebook platforms active with beautiful and engaging posts.

Deez Skin Reju social media banner

A Facebook header for the clinic. Part of our efforts included a complete social media header kit, to ensure brand consistency.

The end result? A thriving clinic, and another website and marketing project we can be proud of. Website traffic has doubled since the launch, and each month we’re getting better and better results. And by all reports, the clinic is thriving! (Need a treatment yourself? Sign up for the clinic’s newsletter and you’ll receive 15% off your first treatment!)

“Susan knew exactly what I wanted for my brand and she didn’t disappoint,” Dr. Thangavelu writes. “I am so glad I got them to redo my website. After so many ‘promises’ by so called ‘experts’ in the past, I can tell you that Susan and Daniel are the experts in this field.”

And we’re so glad Dr. Thangavelu trusted us with a project so near and dear to her heart.

As you can see, unless you’re a marketing/technical/designer guru, rebranding your business isn’t a DIY project. There are too many important branding, programming and implementation elements at stake. No matter what industry you’re in, you should consider hiring a full-service professional web design and digital marketing agency to save you time, energy and money while profiting from a professional online brand presence you can be proud of.

To your business success,
Susan Friesen

Author's Bio: 

Susan Friesen, founder of the award-winning web development and digital marketing firm eVision Media, is a Web Specialist, Business & Marketing Consultant, and Social Media Advisor. She works with entrepreneurs who struggle with having the lack of knowledge, skill and support needed to create their online business presence.

As a result of working with Susan and her team, clients feel confident and relieved knowing their online marketing is in trustworthy and caring hands so they can focus on building their business with peace of mind at having a perfect support system in place to guide them every step of the way.

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