Relying on public transportation is not enough anymore getting to and from the office. Although we get creative, often ride-sharing companies can be confusing, and often you must share the car with someone else, which might not be helpful while trying to work. Sometimes we put our trust in the wrong “rides” businesses.
Boraq is the ultimate transportation to your work destination. There are many companies that have multiple campuses and do not offer private buses or other transportation for you. We can provide your “wheels” to work and beyond. When you need that lift to the airport or to another work campus, we are there.
Employees in larger companies in Silicon Valley, in the surrounding areas, and, as well as across the bay, can depend on Boraq to be their ride to work, another campus, to the airport, or to an important lunch, dinner, event or meeting. It is important that a Boraq driver is at the ready to drive you where you need to be…often when your job depends on it. Our drivers are reliable, punctual, and friendly. We do listen to our clients, and if you need quiet, you’ve got it! It is our goal to deliver you safely, securely, comfortably, and completely satisfied with your experience.
While some other rides companies merely pick you up, and drop you off, with the Boraq app on your mobile device, you can call us when you need us, or reserve a car for you 24-hours in advance. Sometimes that significant deal cannot wait, and you must have a dependable car service to deliver you, or your employees there on time. Depend on Boraq and our drivers to be the car service that cares about their clients in the car and out. You will never be left stranded.
It is our desire to prove to you and your company that we are very different from other car services with our car choices and our trustworthiness. We would welcome speaking with your company about working with us on a daily basis.
Thank you for your business and we look forward to driving your company forward.

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jone betly is a content marketer who formerly work out for different companies. A writer by day and a reader by night. He is loathe to discuss himself in third person , but can be persuaded to do so from time to time thanks.