Creatinine is the waste product present inside the bloodstream of humans. This is the result of the metabolism of the muscle or says the weathering of the muscles. To some extent, the creatinine can also be produced when we eat meat or do heavy workouts. When the kidneys are healthy they can throw this waste out of the body and do not let the accumulation happen but when by any cause they become unhealthy they miss out on some amount of creatinine and it retains inside the body. With the continuation of the same process, the creatinine begins to accumulate inside the blood and leads to kidney failure in some cases. This is why it is necessary that creatinine gets eliminated from the body via urine. Measurements can tell about the presence of a specific amount of creatinine in the blood and how well the performance of the kidneys is. The presence of creatinine can be tested in the blood and the urine.

The matter of concern here is not the cause of creatinine elevation but the ways of creatinine alleviation. However, it is necessary to understand the reasons that result in an elevated creatinine level. There are ways in which one can control the creatinine level with Ayurvedic medicine along with some natural measures and techniques.

The normal range for blood creatinine is 0.84 mg/dL to 1.21 mg/dL but there are chances that this range can vary depending upon varied determinants like labs, gender, age, the muscular mass, etc. Generally, the levels of creatinine in men are greater than that of women. A creatinine level higher than normal indicates the bad condition of the kidneys and indicates the need for the right treatment. For the clarification of creatinine in allopathic treatment, the process of dialysis is used that can be a painful experience for the patient, it can be troublesome, and unfriendly to the pockets (expensive) of patients as well. Keeping all these challenges in mind, it has been found that the process to control creatinine levels with Ayurvedic medicine is much effective in every manner. It is pocket friendly, not at all painful, hassle-free, and can be adopted and followed easily. Let us find out some of the natural ways in which the level of creatinine can be alleviated naturally and good kidney health can be attained back.

Herbal medicines for creatinine alleviation

The Ayurvedic medicines to control creatinine levels are packed with therapeutic abilities that help in the detoxification of the kidneys naturally. These herbs are diuretic in nature that elevates the urine formation and helps in expelling the waste out of the body naturally. They do not cause any major side effects on the body. Certain herbs like Varuna, Punarnava, Gokshura, Kaasni, Shirish, Bhumi alma, Shigru, and Apamarg are said to be helpful in such times. They help in making the ability of kidneys to filter blood better and make the health of the kidneys good. The natural features of these herbs can regenerate the damaged kidney cells and eliminate the need for dialysis. Therefore, we can say that one can easily control the creatinine level with Ayurvedic medicines.

Natural ways of creatinine alleviation

Ayurveda is the unconventional method of treatment that promises good health at an effective cost and with zero contradiction. The process of Ayurveda for the treatment of kidney-related issues is all-natural and full of herbs that are nephrons-corrective in nature and are hoarded with a number of benefits. One can control creatinine levels with Ayurvedic medicines or the Ayurvedic herbs but there are some alterations that he or she should make in the diet and lifestyle to support the treatment for the best and attain a holistic result. Given below are some of the natural remedies that can alleviate the level of creatinine from the blood and bring them to the urine.

  • Consume as much liquid as you can.
  • Avoid the consumption of creatine supplements, excess meat, and over the counter medicines.
  • Make the consumption of herbal tea like nettle leaf tea, dandelion root tea, and chamomile tea a part of your daily routine.
  • Do not do heavy exercises.
  • Take proper rest. Resting well would alleviate the formation of creatinine in the blood.
  • Take care of the blood pressure and blood sugar level. Keep it in a healthy range.
  • Consume food items low in sodium, potassium, and phosphorus.
  • Consume plant-based food items and keep a check on protein consumption.

So, this is how one can control the creatinine level with Ayurvedic medicine along with some of the natural remedies.

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The weathering of muscles, high protein intake, and heavy workouts can elevate creatinine but one can control creatinine levels with Ayurvedic medicines.