Wall rendering is done to protect the outer walls of your property from damages done either by rain or by other weather effects. In this service, the professionals will apply cement, lime, acrylic or other materials and here we will discuss the procedures that are being followed by the renderers to achieve the desired results. So, if you are in Brisbane and planning to get rendering done to your home or office, follow the points that we mention here.

  • Surface preparation

The professionals carrying out the exterior rendering in Brisbane will always begin by preparing the surface. To do this, they will first remove the existing paint by using a steel brush, and while doing so, they will cover the driveways and the other surfaces with plastic sheets or drop cloths.

  • Fixing the corners

Before rendering can be done, the corner beading needs to be fixed and to do this, the specialists will use adhesives and finally wet the surface to make the wall ready for the render.

During the procedure, the professionals will fix the beads attentively. Otherwise, they might not be able to achieve the desired finish because the render will not properly adhere to the surface.

  • Preparing the mixture

After the initial surface preparation, the professionals providing the rendering services in Brisbane will mix the render in proper preparations.

For this, they will mix sufficient water with the render as is the convention and they will use a wheelbarrow for this process.

Finally, after mixing, they will wait for a few minutes so that the chemicals that include the polymer get activated so that it can be applied easily. Lastly, when the render is ready, the professionals will begin applying the render.

  • Application of the render

The builders on the service will apply the render and they will specifically apply it on the mortar joints to create a flat surface. The professionals will start rendering from the bottom of the surface and they will do this with the help of the steel trowel.

They will work in an upward pushing motion with upward even spreads while achieving a consistent thickness. Additionally, they will fill any holes that are created on the surface. And if there are cracks, they will fix it too.

The professionals will apply subsequent coats within half an hour after the mixture so that it adheres properly on the surface. Finally, after the application, they will need to wait for 72 hours between each coat so that the renders turn out to be durable.

  • Finalising the rendering

Now, when everything has been done, the professionals carrying out the wall rendering in Brisbane will wait for the final layer to get dry. To establish the final render, they will use a wooden trowel so that the surface becomes smooth.

At the same time, if you want to achieve a texture other than the flat one, the specialists will use a fine brush.

  • Removing the cracks

After completing the rendering the professionals will make sure that the render does not crack. For this, they will make the wall moist by spraying a mist to the surface and if everything goes fine until now, they will end the process by applying oil-based paint on the surface.

So, these are the ways how the renders carry out rendering to make your exterior walls appealing.

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The author is the owner of a company that provides exterior wall rendering services in Brisbane and publishes a monthly magazine that discusses the new interior and exterior trends of 2021.