How Voice Search is Changing Consumer Shopping Experience

With the rise in Voice Activation and Voice-Activated Devices, theshopping experience of the average consumer is evolving. From typing out the product’s name to just saying it and getting results for it on search engines and e-commerce websites voice search has made the tasks easier. Voice Search is not just limited to shopping but to many other aspects of our daily life. To check out how it affects and works in various sectors, check out our blog on Alexa and its uses (hyperlink to Alexa in different sectors blog).
Coming back to the consumer shopping experience, there are a lot of aspects that are being affected in a positive way. Let’s take a look at the major ones and how they’re adding up to the experience.
1. Functionality
As Voice Activation gets accessible to the masses, the functions of shopping online becomes easier. Voice Search removes the need for a physical or virtual keyboard to input queries into search engines or online shopping websites. People can search for anything by a single command with their voices. It has become easy to search for something online by just saying “Hey Alexa” and then saying what you want to search for. With Voice activation taking place, everything will become easier for everyone.
2. Customized Shopping Experience
Voice pursuit can make online shopping simpler and progressively customized by curating suggestions more effectively to the consumer. For instance, you're searching for groceries

through a service like Amazon Fresh, you might tell Alexa about your requirements and some specifics about your diet and it will automatically suggest you good options. This gives the consumer a quick way to shop online.
3. Catering Repeat Orders for Regular Customers
If a customer has had a good experience with your store, they will surely come back. Tracking the history of orders can make it easier for customers to order the same item without going through the whole process, instead, they can just tell their voice assistant to order it and the shopping portal will order the item with the same brand, size, and quality again. With Amazon Alexa, it is getting easier to shop online with voice search.
4. Feedback
Every online shopping portal asks for feedback on the product and service. This can now be done by speaking the review instead of typing. “How was the coffee machine that you ordered?” “How much would you rate our service on a scale of 1 to 5?’ all these questions can be answered by voice command. In the near future, voice reviews can be leveraged to build trust among consumers.
5. Enhanced Local Shopping Experience
We can already ask Google for desired shops via the search engine. But take this into a Voice Search perspective which makes it easier for people to search for local shops and businesses. These voice searches can be expedited with using prefixes like fast, urgently, etc. For example, find me a hospital fast, the word 'fast'can enable Google to find the results fastand suggest the closest hospital near the user.

Voice Search is becoming useful on a daily basis now and soon there will be a boom of Voice Assistants and Devices. To keep up with the technology, take a look at services from They are a leading company involved inAlexaskilldevelopmentbased out of Ahmedabad in India that can develop voice solutions for your business and home.

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