Man-made developments are growing at a tremendous speed. Every day we are introduced to better and more awe-inspiring. There were days when online shopping was the going on trend and now it has become a norm: commonplace thing in our daily life. The trend of e-commerce has given rise to many trends. The latest in-thing is the use of voice assistants in e-commerce.


1. Daily necessities which are bought recurrently like toothpaste, soaps and other such commodities can be bought easily by using voice assistants. Voice assistants can even prompt a purchase based on the frequency of the things bought. This will liberate customers from the risk of running out of necessary commodities.

2. Customers can be used by guess for researching the kind of products. They can ask the voice assistants to show them the best shoes for monsoon- and it will come up with the most relatable answers. This helps them find the products when we exactly think of them, without the hassle of typing down the words.

3. Voice Assistants can also be used to add items to the shopping list effortlessly. let’s say you are cooking and you need some exotic spices for the next meal- you can immediately add them to the shopping list at the very moment by using voice assistants.

4. Of course, shopping will be in the picture as well. Voice assistants can be easily used to make a purchase by using simple commands. You can do it hands-free, and while doing other stuff as well. Such a blessing for people who love multi-tasking.

5. Do you want to know what people are saying about a product? Just ask your Voice Assistant for reviews and ratings for the products you want. You will get them as soon as you finish the command.

6. Are you wary of filling long forms and waiting to get in contact with the support team? Just ask your Voice assistants to connect you with them in a flash!

Voice assistants are a must to be integrated into your e-commerce store as they are gaining a huge popularity among the people. It is being predicted that 35% of browsing will be done only by using voice assistants in the coming years. Experts estimate that around 500 million people are using voice assistants today and the number will continue to grow to about 1.9 billion by the year 2021. Adopt Voice technology today- and keep up the noise of your business.

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