There are people all around us, people like you and me. Even though they look completely normal, some carry a deep scar in their hearts. Many people have suffered through violence and abuse and remained silent for years. This is abusers use violence; they have the urge to silence the victim through abuse. Abuse can be mental, emotional, or physical, whereas violence can be mental. Abuse and violence are well-known factors of murders, death, and trauma. These two agents of evil manage to affect a huge number of populations all over the world. Here is how violence silences people all around –

Violence in Children

This is one of the most common types of violence that can be found in society. Violence can cause great trauma even when it comes from parents or teachers, to make the child behave properly. Sometimes, violence is used against children to keep their mouth shut. Violence in children is very dominant in the act of child labor. The children do not speak up against their employers' violent behavior in fear of losing their job. All over the world children are recklessly abused, as they don’t know any better, silence is the best way according to them.

Violence against Women

This is a prevalent issue in our society. We have come a long way, but we have failed to fight against this issue. In many households, women fall prey to domestic violence. They use Violence and abuse to silence these women. In many cases, it is seen that the women tried speaking up for any wrong deeds, and in return, they were silenced by tremendous physical and mental abuse. In these cases, sexual assault is commonly seen. Most of the victims step back from speaking up against the wrong is done to them in fear of losing their dignity, shelter, and in vicious cases, even life. Violence against women in the workplace is a common issue. Most of the time, they are sexually abused and oppressed. Many choose to keep silent in order to keep their job. Violence is used against women to silence their freedom, independence, and empowerment.

Political Violence

The society that we live in Political Violence is very evident. The most democratic countries face the most political violence. It is mostly used when one political party disagrees with the other political party's notion and opinions. One party uses violence as a weapon to silence people. A corrupt and oppressive party will use violence against anyone who tries to protest against them. This sort of violence has been seen in the pages of history multiple times. It is also very predominant in today’s society. Protesters are silenced with the violent treatment of the ruling party.

Religious Violence

Many religious groups around the world are fighting for their supreme power and gaining followers. Though this is completely driven by faith, some use the tactics of violence to establish their faith and belief as superior. But, it is also true that the main interest of many leaders is financial. Manipulating their followers to become violent is a way they achieve their goals. They tend to use violence and abuse to silence the people of a minority group. These people choose to keep silent mainly to stay alive. Most of the time, they are not left with much of an option than to keep silent.

Cultural violence

It can be majorly seen in our society, but it is also something we tend to oversee. Cultural violence is a product of contradiction of ideology, language, art, religion, science, religious origin, sexual origin, and racial origin. For example, – the LGBT community faces a hard time, mainly because a huge section of our society still denies believing in the notion of this community. This leads to violence against them; most of the time, the culprit or culprits abuse them simply because they don’t agree with the victim's ideology and origin.

To Sum It Up

The idea that violence is only physical is completely wrong. It can be mental and emotional as well; in these cases, the victim suffers in silence. Emotional blackmailing is an ancient way of silencing people around.

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