Gone are the days when commerce students were stubborn on their decision of pursuing B.COM after the board examination used to end but nowadays, students from all fields are more attracted to the BBA degree. BBA which stands for bachelor of business administration is a 3-year course which reveals the basics of management and the behavior of business firms under different circumstances. Even though BBA is a quite versatile degree, students are often skeptical about its future prospects. If you want to pursue this course, then make sure to read till the end.
BBA is offered by some of the most reputed colleges in the country and every college places different admission criteria. But the criteria followed by most of the colleges are to take into account the class 12th board mark sheet and a written paper organized by the college. BBA is often suggested to be for students who are interested in going for a startup. However, this assumption is not always true as BBA degree offers entry to various other platforms as well. So, if you are planning to choose BBA as your course after class 12, then make sure to be regularly updated with the BBA admission 2019 so that you are aware of the admission criteria and other details.
Before we unravel the solution to the above question, we will provide you with the essential details of this course and proper analysis, so the final decision can be made appropriately.
Course details:
BBA is a 3-year undergraduate course to gain knowledge of areas like business management and marketing. Some of the prominent subjects taught under this course are principles of management, business mathematics, and statistics, operations research, business economics, financial and management accounting, material management, production management, marketing management etc. All these subjects aim to provide the backdrop of management in a particular firm. Job opportunities after BBA are pretty less as firms usually demand people who have done some additional course as well. In spite of all this, BBA graduates often land up in some of the most exotic jobs of all times through their persistent efforts and efficient knowledge of the business. If you want a good campus placement, then make sure to check the admission in best management college, Delhi.
Future scope:
If you have selected this course or if you are thinking to choose it, then there are plenty of options available once you are done with this course such as:
1. Students can go for higher education like masters in business administration (MBA) or Post Graduate Diploma in management. Both these courses are really beneficial from the placement point of view as companies are usually willing to pay high salaries to MBA graduates especially if they are from one of the best BBA colleges in Greater Noida.
2. If you are getting any placement opportunity from the college or outside and you are not interested in further education, then you can also take up this job as it will not only help you earn but also gives you an overall organization experience which can prove to be really helpful in the long run.
3. People often choose BBA over other degrees due to their dream of being an entrepreneur someday. While the degree is best suited for such professions, make sure you are having adequate knowledge and skill required for a startup. A startup should be adhered to only when proper skills, knowledge, and experience are there, otherwise, there are high chances of business getting ruined.
Now, there are a lot of professions that one can take after pursuing BBA from the best BBA college in Greater Noida. Since all these professions are way different from each other, the degree is versatile enough to suit your interest and passions.
1. Be an accountant:
The work of an accountant pretty much deals with numbers, companies, financial statements and taxes which a BBA graduate are most likely acquainted to already. So, if want to be an accountant, then you can go for BBA as your undergraduate course.
2. Be a Financial Adviser:
Often, BBA graduates land in such professions which not only make efficient use of their existing knowledge but also provide a handsome pay and promotion in return of their services. But, make sure that you pursue the course from the best BBA college in Greater Noida, as there are high chances of getting an on-campus placement then.
3. Be a Marketer:
The job of a marketer is to provide marketing strategies to a business firm which can appeal to its consumers better than the competitive brands. He makes sure that the product is corresponding to the latest trends and thus, the profits should be maximized.
4. Head towards Human Resource Management:
Human Resource management is a good option if socializing is your core strength as you have to make sure that the employees are well satisfied with their job and pay and hence, there is no hindrance to business operation.
5. Be a Real estate Agent:
There is no doubt to the fact that the rental properties and their associated rates are going to increase in future which makes this profession profitable for real estate brokers who sell, buy and rent properties.
6. Be a manager:
Now, this is a profession where your core skills of management will be put to use. The basic function of a manager is to ensure that the business operates in a smooth way and there must be no hindrance. There are different managers according to a different task in the organization and no matter, where you are being placed, always put your best foot forward.
What must be the major benefits of pursuing BBA from a top BBA college in Delhi/ NCR? Well, there are a lot of benefits, some of which are mentioned below:
a. BBA degree is offered by some of the best colleges and universities worldwide which promise a better future after getting the degree. Naturally, your knowledge and skills will help you in the long run but a reputed college can help you get a much better job.
b. Since BBA is offered worldwide and there is a high demand of BBA graduates everywhere, there is no regional restriction imposed. However, there may be a difference in the pay scale in different countries.
c. BBA degrees are very versatile in nature as it offers a great variety of professions under it. You may choose to become an accountant, an entrepreneur, finance manager, human resource manager etc. But make sure to select your profession according to your interest and passions.
d. BBA can give you easier access to some of the high-end courses in future like MBA. Doing MBA after BBA doesn’t only make you an expert in a certain field, it also increases your demand and hence the pay scale offered.
e. BBA makes one self-sufficient as even you could not get the job of your dreams, then there is always an option of going for a start-up as you are equipped with the appropriate knowledge required.
Description- Looking for whether a BBA degree is of any good or not? Here we provide you with all the details of this course and how an individual can be benefited from such a course.


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