If you are not familiar with A Trigger Point- It is a hyperirritable spot in the taut bland of the skeletal muscle or the myofascial pain. Pain occurs on the spot due to muscle compression thus giving rise to referred pain, local twitch response and tenderness.

Some trigger points also lie in other tissues such as tendons, skin, ligaments and joint capsules.

How Trigger Points Develop & How To Locate Them:-

Most trigger points form due to muscular injuries, strains, injuries and trauma. When your muscle fibres, ligaments, tendons and fascia overstretch, get inflamed or weakened, it causes tiny tears in the soft tissue area. When those tissues heal, they contract, get twisted, start knotting and restricts the flow of fresh blood needed in your muscle cells.

There is also a shortage of muscle fibre to safeguard it from other injuries. Structural imbalances, poor nutrition, emotional and mental stress and improper body mechanics- all are key factors that cause trigger points to develop. Due to this, the muscles learn to avoid pain and restricts its movement, further leading to the development of other trigger points.

Common Activating Factors Include:-

  • Muscle injury due to repetitive use.
  • Emotional stress which causes the brain to overload and tightens the muscles.
  • Postural stresses resulting due to slouching and prolonged immobility.
  • Poor diet leading to nutritional deficiencies.
  • Improper breathing techniques resulting in impaired circulation.

How To Locate Them?

Most trigger points are found inside a rope-like knotted band of muscles. The area will be sensitive to your touch, thus helping you to locate them. Some trigger points, particularly between the shoulder blades, will develop instinctively, while other points may get known with gentle stretching of muscles. That will provide you with the clues you need to treat yourself.

Also, muscles and trigger points are paired. A point on the left side will correspondingly have a point on the right side. So, it is best to identify both the points and give equal attention to them for maximum relief.

‘Trigger Point Massage Therapy’ Helps Release Constricting Muscle Areas:-

One reliable option to treat your constructing muscles and trigger point areas is opting for Trigger Point Massage Therapy in Perth. With this treatment; you will experience a considerable decrease in the pain, tension and stress from chronic injuries.

Benefits Of This Massage:-

  • Eliminates pain from all trigger points.
  • Reduces tension, stress and helps increase energy.
  • Betters muscle flexibility and movement.
  • Reduces all possible symptoms of chronic health complications.
  • Improves sleep by reducing all trigger point aches.
  • Reduces your reliance on pain-relief medications.
  • Improves your body’s knowledge and awareness of trigger points.

Considered as one of the best trigger point pain treatments; you should make an appointment with a reliable trigger point massage therapist in Perth who has heaps of field knowledge and experience.

A quality therapist will focus on those trigger points, look to relieve pain and improve mobility using multi-radiance low-level laser therapy. Plus they will also use a combination of medications and therapy to improve mobility and recovery time.

So, what are you waiting for? Get at it, and schedule an appointment today!

Author's Bio: 

The author by profession is a trigger point massage therapist in Perth who has heaps of field knowledge and experience. The author also educates the readers about the perks of Trigger Point Massage Therapy in Perth and how it helps relieve pain.