Rentio Toor Dal is one of the popular Indian Brands which is trusted for its non-compromising quality and nutrition-rich features. Also known as tuvar dal, tur dal or tuver dal, this lentil can be referred to as one of the most loved staple foods of Indians.

Savored differently by different Indian states, Toor Dal spreads happiness and good health with every platter. Punjabi-style, Gujarati-style, South-Indian style of cooking dal can reportedly be found popular among Indians. There is something magic with Toor Dal which makes it so loved by kids, adults or you can say people of any age.

You must have seen dal-rice, dal-tadka, dal-dhokli and similar varieties which are an incredible part of lunch or dinners. We all feel delightful savoring such dal-delicacies. But, do we even know how much benefit our body gains by this natural protein source. It overcomes all the limitations infused in the body by other artificial protein alternatives.

You can jump-off to buy tuvar dal online & cart 1kg, 5kg, 10kg or 25kg packages which occupy your kitchen shelves with all the goodness of proteins that you need.

What do artificial proteins contain?

Artificial proteins are nothing but proteins which are processed by combining several ingredients that fulfill the daily protein needs of your body. As they contain less ‘natural’ proteins and more of the artificial ingredients, they are less trustworthy.

Most people going to the gym and want a muscular body or boost stamina take artificial protein powders available in different flavors. They come with an expiry date and are very expensive.

No matter how much protein powders are boasted about, they are ‘artificial’ in the end. It is to be understood that natural is original, genuine and pure after all.

Why Rentio Tuwar Dal is a better alternative?

Rentio Tuwar Dal tops the chart when you look for a better alternative to artificial proteins. Though there are more options like milk proteins, paneer, and chicken thighs & more it will be more preferred by vegetarians. Proteins are very essential for everyone who wants a healthy body and stronger muscles. More nutrients like fiber, vitamins, iron, and minerals are also responsible to make your body stronger and healthier.

Lentils like Toor Dal, Moong Dal, Masoor Dal & more are good for digestive health and heart. It keeps you feeling full for a longer time and gets digested easily. In fact, every dal can be created in several amazing flavors which are finger-licking good!

There are hardly any other protein sources which are tasty, yummy and healthy at the same time.

Looking up to the proteins, it is required for growing kids, adults and everyone. So, why don’t we stock our kitchen with different types of dals?!

Go on for Toor Dal Online Shopping now!
Rentio Toor Dal Online Shopping can be made on your finger-tips. The grocery shopping trends must have changed over 83+ years since the brand is established but the taste, quality, and purity remains intact. We appreciate the shoppers who make no compromise when it comes to the quality of the food that they consume on a daily basis. You may buy Rentio Toor Dal as oiled/plain dal.

Depending on your daily requirements, you may choose the type of dal you should buy. For your knowledge, if you don’t stock dals, consuming Kori Toor Dal/Plain Toor Dal is a good option. If you like it to be stored for the year, oiled toor dal is your take. Oiled Toor Dal is for longer shelf life.

As seen above, Toor Dal Online Purchase will be cost-efficient and time-saving than any other alternatives. Isn’t it a go-getting choice then?

Well, if you have made up your mind, go on to a food expedition and explore the world of lentils which are gems and jewels of your kitchen and real savage for your body.

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Rentio tuwar dal is a staple in Indian kitchen. It is the best source of protein and alternative of artificial protein.Buy toor dal online and make your meal healthier.