Right off the bat, many of us might think of “Zynn” as just another run-of-the-mill application. Believe me, this is the first thought that crossed my mind too. But the word was that Zynn is a trendsetter.

So is it really another mediocre app or is there something intriguing about it? This is why I went ahead and used it myself to know if Zynn lives up to par and my findings will surprise you!

What is Zynn?

Basically, Zynn.app is advertised as a short-form video platform and a social commerce platform that has managed to top the U.S. App Store charts just after 3 weeks upon its release.

Long story short, this app acts as a platform where we can create and share videos with an inspiring community. Needless to say, Zynn is supposed to provide an abundance of life hacks for people like us who are creative junkies.

Discovering what I love

Zynn is a rather user-friendly social e-commerce app, hence it’s for everybody!

Creating our own videos is a breeze with Zynn. All I had to do was, open the Zynn app, go to the home page, click the video icon on the top, then bam!

With the upload option, Zynn will access your photo and video library and let you choose the video you want to upload up to 60 seconds.

You can trim your videos however you need and add music, texts, emojis, stickers, effects, colors, etc.

But, believe me, this is not the best part. If you’re like me who’s constantly on a quest of finding different life hacks such as beauty, food, fashion, fitness, entertainment, etc. I’m 100% positive that you’ll find Zynn beneficial.

I’m a beauty hacks junkie. I will binge-watch them all day long. For instance, I’ve learned that drinking hot tea in the morning with a bit of turmeric, lemon, honey, and ginger is beneficial for our skin.

Don’t get me started with the food hacks on Zynn. One of the coolest hacks I’ve stumbled upon is how to make Nutella pancakes! All I had to do was, freeze some Nutella disks in the freezer and stuff them in between the pancakes later when I bake them. The result was gooey Nutella pancakes! The best part is I’ve never seen this hack before and it saved my life!

Most of the time we throw food away because they are past their expiration date. But, did you know you can save some of them? For instance, if you put an egg on a bowl of water, if it sits flat, the egg is still good. If the egg stands up, it should be consumed soon. If the egg floats, then it’s gone bad. How cool is that!

Not to mention, some creative souls share so many photography hacks. For instance, the use of different lights, water, smoke, etc. are ideal to give you natural effects that’ll pop in your photographs.

Another valuable hack that I’ve taken out from Zynn is, how to stay motivated during the day by meditating and celebrating small achievements.

Needless to say, the entertainment you get from Zynn is indescribable. Some of my other favorite life hacks include satisfying nail art videos, go-pro videos, magic tricks, food cutting hacks, prank videos, and much more! If you’re a slime and kinetic sand junkie, Zynn is a gold mine for you.

If you want, you can share these life hacks on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. It is truly amazing how different individuals’ thought process is. Unless you go out there and discover them, you wouldn't know how creative people are and how much you can learn from them.

Wrapping Up

I’m a life hacks hoarder who tries to add something to my life from them every day. If this resonates with you, when you have some spare time, give Zynn a shot by downloading it on AppStore or Google Play. You can also have a sense of their vibes from their profiles on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Medium.

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