Before we look into how to write synthesis essay, we should first discuss what are these essays all about? Synthesis essays are about dealing with your own ideas in the combination with the works conducted by the famous authors. This is why, students take a lot of time in writing synthesis essays as it not only takes time in generating ideas but also in the research work, they have to collect material from various sources, such as books, general, internet etc.

Therefore, we thought to provide little ease for the students who find difficulty in writing synthesis essay by providing them a step by step guideline.

First step:

Preparations before writing synthesis essay:

Before actually commencing your essay writing, you should write down your points of views about the topic then ask the people around you that what do they think about it?. Analyze their view point whether they are against or in favor of the topic and summarize them in an organized way. This would be immensely helpful for you to develop a thesis statement.

Second step:

Brainstorm for the developing ideas:

Next, take a pen and paper; write down whatever comes to your mind about the topic. The preparations you did in the first step would help you a lot in generating ideas for the synthesis essay.

Third Step:

Writing a compelling introduction:

The introduction would be consisting of a thesis statement in the first place that would be a combination of the ideas from different authors and your personal views. Then, introduce the topic in detail while also providing some points reflecting what a reader should expect from the synthesis essay.

Fourth step:

Writing the body of synthesis essay:

The body could be divided into several paragraphs depending on the nature of the topic while each of the paragraphs would be the extension of the subject matter. Remember, that each paragraph should be explaining different ideas that would be supported by strong arguments and evidences.

Fifth Step:

Writing the conclusion of synthesis essay:

Conclusion would be a wrap up of your work where you would be summarizing the entire key points you discussed throughout the synthesis essay. It is recommended that you also mention some of your own suggestions and viewpoints about the topic in the end of the conclusion.

Sixth step:

Finally, proofreading the synthesis essay:

Before the final submission, you should proofread the synthesis essay. An ideal way to proof read the essay is to read it twice and underline the major mistakes then correct it accordingly. Major mistakes include grammatical, punctuation, logical and spelling errors.

Therefore, six step theory should be enough for writing a perfect synthesis essay so make sure you follow them when composing synthesis essay. Final words of advice is that you should show some creative streak because synthesis essay totally deals with the innovation of ideas that are culminated with the combination of yours, authors and different people viewpoints, therefore, you can make it more interesting by thinking more creatively.

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