Did your supervisor blame you for copying the material from internet?

Thus you got a C grade and your mom is very upset with you!

Plagiarism is the easiest way of running away from writing original essays. Therefore, students who are not much interested in essay writing, often, copy and paste the material as it is. Teachers uses different plagiarism softwares to track if the students have used material that is already been published.

By using various kinds of techniques, one can easily safe oneself from the torments of insult a teacher can do. Following are some of the ways to save you from insult and write an original essay.

Parenthetical References:

Parenthetical referencing style is the most commonly used referencing methods, in this type of citation, the only thing you need to do is to put the citation juts after the reference enclosed in brackets. Mention the list of sources at the end of the essays under the heading of works cited, bibliography or references.

For example:

One historian believes that since the innovation of television,
the news has been changed into bit of show business
(Toffler 4-5).

Now the citation will be something like this:

Toffler, Daniel. The most perfect union: An institutional history. Chicago: Houghton, 1995.

Web citation:

What will you do if you are taking information from a website? The only thing you will do is to mention the name of the author.

For example:

On March, 2005, some 2100 students wrote the

complicated University of Michigan, Sir Bill Kennedy (BK)

Examination. Amazingly, there were two perfect papers!

(BK, 2001).

The bibliography will be something like this:

“BK 2001 Prize Winner”, U of Michigan, 3 Aug. 2007


Footnotes are at the end of the page where the references are placed while at the end of the essay, the final bibliography is mentioned.

For example:

The Oxford Encyclopedia defines

Taboo as "an act, thing, self, or

place outlawed by rule or culture.1

Your Foot note:

1Kollus, Brad. "Taboo." Oxford Encyclopedia. 2000 ed.

Web citation:

Again, what if you are citing from a website?

For example:

An encyclopedia of the occult says that the taboo

is found among many other cultures including the

ancient Egyptians, Jews and others.2

Your Foot note:

2Prepared for Students. 20 Dec. 2000. U. of Michigan. 30 Nov. 2002

Therefore, if you will follow the above told citation method, you will never be accused of plagiarism in your original essay.

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