There are various reasons to write articles. Some write for fame, it’s just a passion for some while some write it to earn money. Reasons may be different, but there are some basic rules that you must follow in order to write a good article. Content writing requires some 100% original SEO content to be written at every given point. Let’s check some of the rules that you need to follow if you want to write a good article that is readable and acceptable as well as informative to the readers.

Understanding your Audience

Always think from the reader’s point of view. In website content writing, this is vital. You must know what the readers want from you. Read through websites and articles that match your topics. You will find many suggestions, questions and feedback posted by the readers there. Make a point of what they seek. Make sure to include most of them in your article.

You can also join online forums to know more about the needs of the audience. These forums are a good platform for discussion and you will get a lot of ideas from every feed posted by the members of the group.

Writing is never Easy

You are free to beat the person who advised you that writing is cakewalk. It was never and it will never be. That is because you always need to produce 100% original SEO content every time you write and that is not easy. However, duplication is easy. In website content writing, you must always provide the readers with 100% original SEO content. This will be difficult as you will not be in the right frame of mind every time you wish to write. You must make your imaginations run wild in case you wish to write an article which is original. You can never copy from another article.

Stop Boasting and be Sincere and write in Easy Language
Don’t be a show off. Write in simple, easy language. The readers are least interested to know whether you have a stock of difficult words in your vocabulary or not. They will be more satisfied if you provide them with something which is easy to understand. To avoid this, you can always ask someone to read your article after writing it. The person will be able to point out the problem areas and help you to make amends.

Go Crazy with the Title

You need to attract your readers with your writing skills. That comes later, though. The first thing that you need is to frame a catchy heading for your article. The title should amaze the readers and at the same time should be relevant enough to make them understand what your article contains. Your title should be original just like 100%original SEO content.

You can also make your title by including keyword. Try and combine a couple of keywords, make a phrase and include the same in the title for your article.

Never Write Lengthy Articles

Don’t over-write your article. Any article which is between 400-500 words is good enough when doing content writing. Website content writing does not require you to write a book. You must grasp the skill of expressing yourself in specified number of words.

These are some easy ways which will help you to write good articles. However, none of these steps will come without practice. Therefore, you need to put in as much practice time as possible to become a successful content writing professional.

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