How to write creatively is a question often asked when a writer is facing writer’s block or word dearth.

The frustration peaks since the writer has run out of ammunition to fire novelties. On the other hand, a novice, with zero experience at writing, but brimming with thoughts might also ponder over the question of how to write creatively. So here is my list of some ways to help you write creatively:
Cast Yourself Away from PC

At times friend, at times foe. This juggler’s box that still doesn’t cease to amaze us can at times prove to hinder most brutally. Carrying yourself away from the computer helps in breaking ice on the blocked up gush of thoughts and ideas.
Jump Out of the Box

I do not comprehend this most beaten cliché’. How can one not change surroundings, situations and routing and still expect to dish out novelties? Somebody thinking about Abracadabra! To think out of the box, you need to jump out of the box first a.k.a. change, in or out. Btw, you can also give a shot at changing habits, not the goaded ones but a little tweak, here and there.
Learn from Kids

Kids have a knack of picking things with their true meaning. They cannot comprehend the details due to limited experience but whatever they perceive and pick are raw realities . Freeing ourselves from the emotional complications of life, looking at things in their true colors, helps in speeding up the creative writing process.
Find a Perk Palace

To write creatively, one got to think. To think you need a spacing that does not hinder. Now for everyone there comes a different appeal towards settings and situations. There would be for you. For me it is a brief stroll in my backyard or a few hours with old friends.

It helps me to loosen up, share and shape thoughts into words, conversing over aimless things, hence providing myself with a neat flow. Do find yours to catch up with unhindered flow of creativity.
Read, Read and Read

To water your production house, read stuff that is inspirational and stimulates you up to write something of your own. One mistake that I used to make was, trying to keep my reading into a marked up line with a few authors. The more you expand authors, more writing styles you come across. When you switch from one author to another, you can even see the words change their meanings in usage and this tends to be a hallmark for your own creative writing.
Flaunt your Wings

Everyone has got a personal talent or inclination. Exploit that for your writing. Flaunt your knowledge with self assertion and style. By the end of the day, not only will you have material but a sense of personal achievement as well. If you are afraid of straying away from your blog’s cliché then remember that first of all it is your blog and you can write anything that comes to your mind. Secondly, readers only love the personal touch in things. so it is ok to occasionally rant about your cat, dog or kids
Natural Callings

Writing something about things that comes naturally doesn’t require singing your own praises, rather the authority shines itself through words. so give a must-shot to things that interest and inspire you to write creatively.

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