Most of your customers still prefer dropping an email to get in touch with you due to the ease of using this medium of communication. You can leverage this medium to boost the customer service and hence the customer satisfaction level and hence inflate your business’s profits. Read on to know how.

Start by greeting your customer:
Most of the customer service emails read like telegraphs. It sounds robotic and may make your customers feel that you do not value them. So, it’s advisable to start your email with a hearty greeting instead of going straight to business. A greeting can actually set up the tone of your mail.

Use a detailed subject line:
Use a subject line that is informative. For instance, if you are replying to a customer query regarding a particular product, specify it in the subject itself.

Mention the customer’s name:
You can personalize the customer service email further by addressing your customer by his/her name. It makes you sound more polite, hence making the customer feel happy and valued.

Show your gratitude:
No matter what the customer has contacted you for. No matter, how rude they have been in their email, you should never skip thanking them for contacting you. A positive attitude is all that matters in customer service. Rather than taking a complaint in a negative manner, you can actually leverage it to determine the pain points of your customers and further improve your customer service.

Rephrase what your customer said:
This is a good way of showing that you are actually concerned about your customer’s issue. So, consider summarizing the current situation so as to ensure that everyone’s on the same page. You can also ask for confirmation regarding customer’s situation so as to avoid any miscommunication.

Empathize and provide a solution:
Next, to that, you are supposed to do is show empathy towards that customer through your email. Take the responsibility for the inconvenience caused and then provide concise instructions on resolving the problem.

Close the customer service email in an appropriate manner:
End up the email in an appropriate manner. Add a bit of professionalism to the climax asking the customer to reach out to you in the case of further queries. Lastly, don’t forget to wish a good day.

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