If you do not have a marketing budget, article marketing is a very effective marketing strategy if done correctly. The key is to be consistent. It is also important to write effective articles. These are the five parts of an effective article.
1.Article Title- This is the first part of your article that people see. It is important to pique curiousity with your article title so people will want to click on it and read your article.
One way to do this is to find out what your target audience is interested in by doing a little research. You can enter your primary keyword into the keyword question tool. This will let you know the most popular questions that your potential customers are asking.
A question can be an effective title if your article answers that question. Also “how to” and lists work well such as “5 ways to…”, or “3 types of…”
2. Article Summary- This is a 2-3 sentence paragraph that supports your title and gives a preview of your article.
3. Article Body- This is the meat of your article. Most article directories require a minimum of 250 words. If you are using this as a marketing strategy, 250-500 words is a good size for your article body.
Try not to use more than 3 sentences per paragraph and use bold and italics to make your article easier to read than a big block of text.
4. Author’s Bio Box- This is more effective if it appeals to your reader as opposed to talking only about yourself. Let them know about the benefit they will receive if they click on your link.
The word free works well if you are giving away a free offer.
5. Links- You should have two types of links in your author’s box. You should have a regular hyperlink linking to your website, and you should have an anchor text link that includes your keywords.
Keywords help optimize your article for the search engine. Just make sure your keywords are relevant to your overall topic and article title.
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