Affirmations are all about being positive and thinking and feeling that you already have the thing that you want…. Affirmations will only work if they are written in the present tense, and are about things that you desire, things you want to be doing or goals that you want to achieve.
So what makes a good affirmation?
When you are writing affirmations, make sure that they are statements, a good way to begin them is this:

“I am”
“I have”
“I am happy now that”
“I am wealthy”

As you can see all these phrases are written in the present as if you already have or are the things you want to affirm your way to. As long as your statement is positive and direct, you will be starting in the right place!
Another thing to remember when writing your affirmations is that you MUST focus on all the positive things that you want in your life. NEVER focus on the things that you do not want as you are just as likely to attract those if you repeat and think about them often enough too… And that is not what we want for you!

Be Positive

For every negative thought you have, write a positive affirmation that is the complete opposite and repeat this every time the negative thought pops into your head, whether you realise it or not, eventually you will banish the negativity from your mind for good.

Be Yourself

When you are writing affirmations for yourself, try not to use words that are alien to you, this will not help in you to believe in what you are saying, use words that are familiar to you and those that come into your mind and consciousness easily.

Most importantly….

Feel free to write affirmations about anything! No matter what your goals are or how many you have, write an affirmation, repeat and believe!

Author's Bio: 

Matthew E. Alleyne "The Results Coach" is the mastermind behind this unique concept, he is a serial entrepreneur, best-selling author, personal development and business coach! Matthew works with Bob Proctor from the movie "The Secret", seen by more than 300 million people and the legendary success expert Brian Tracy who has helped over 5 million people reach their goals. Matthew has been very successful in his field for more than 25 years. Matthew lives by the adage "Those who care, teach".