Today’s post focuses on the technicalities involved in how to write a newsletter?

A newsletter is a form of publication which many small businesses follow as a mean of promoting their products or services as well as strengthening internal communication within the organization. It serves as a smaller version of newspaper and like the newspaper, its tone is informative. Well written newsletters create strong relationship with customers, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders and therefore, contribute towards the overall success of the business.

Two distinct types of newsletter:

Paper Printed
Electronic (or digital)

Those printed on paper are distributed via mail to the stakeholders whereas electronic newsletters are sent via email to the interested parties.

Plan out the content and format of your newsletter beforehand: The content and format of the newsletter must be crafted very accurately so as to make the readers (stakeholders) want to read it. Often times, business owners are stumped when it comes to writing a successful newsletter for their business. Listed below are a few strategies which if utilized will result in a well knitted and effective newsletter:
Concept Visualization
Why am I to create this newsletter?

First off, you need to ask yourself an important question, ‘What is the purpose of this newsletter and why should I write it?’ A possible answer would either be to inform the potential stakeholders about any newly introduced product, service and policies or update them about the present performance of the business briefly.

Once the purpose is identified, decide how many newsletters in number you want to issue and whether you want to send them through conventional mail or email.
Researching the Right Title
Spend sometime on the title of your newsletter

Now take some time to think of a nice and catchy title for your newsletter. The title should be well couched so that it perfectly matches the theme of your newsletter.
Content Planning
Stay brief and concise

Be very careful when crafting the content of your newsletter. Include brief and precise information about your business.
Add up a few references and testimonials

To make it more impressive, give a reference of recent statistics of your business. Add a guest column containing positive comments which support the public image of your business and also a section that answers most frequently asked queries of customers.
Divide up your content in easy to follow headings and sub-headings

Divide your content into headings and sub-headings. Add logos and images to add color to your newsletter. Make sure that the content in each heading and sub delivers a separate message. This would prevent you from churning out a mesh up of useless words.
Stick with relevance and usability

Resist the urge to overdo anything and stay precise and to the point so you do not scare off your first time subscribers (read: potential client). Remember the key point that your newsletter should deliver something. Consider it as the bait, the more juicy it is the better fish it would catch.
Watch out for your grammar and vocabulary

Keep an extra leash on grammatical formatting and usage of terms, idioms and general vocabulary. Use felicitous phrases, related to your business sparingly in your copy to give it a sleek perk up.

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