If you are writing a literary essay on a book, fear not. Here you can find all the ins and out to write a great literary essay on a book. 


Keep in mind that writing a literary essay is not a book report. Although both follow a similar structure, they are different. The difference between a book report and a literary analysis essay is in its rigor and tone. 


Rigor is an academic talk for choosing a structure and making it clear why it was selected and sticking to it throughout. Unlike a book report, a literary analysis essay requires to do more than just have a clear thought on a book. 


The tone of a book report sets your personal experience with a book. And a literary analysis essay is about an argumentative statement to be defended with some relevant examples from the book or third-party sources. 


Literary Essay Structure 

If you did the required reading and have a perspective on the book. Congratulations! You are have way done. Following is the rest.



The introductory paragraph will set the tone for your overall essay. It should contain the following things: 

Universal statement - Introduce the book with some basic facts about it 

A strong thesis statement - make a claim about a book that you will be going to support in the body paragraphs of the essay 


Body Paragraphs 

Demonstrate your analysis of a book by providing some solid evidence to support your thesis.



It should restate the essay introduction, summarize the main arguments if the b0ody paragraphs and presents a final thought. 


Literary essay are way more than just a simple book report. Embrace the task, read deeply and try to connect with the text. 


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