Writing a great assignment takes much more than just being able to write well. It needs being able to read fast, understanding the concepts quickly, forming up a plan of how to go about your assignment, and a deep interest in the subject.

When you are given a task to complete an assignment for your college purposes, you are not left with many options, but to complete it before the deadline given to you whether you like it or not. You have done well for yourself if you choose the subjects you wanted, but lord help you if you have chosen a subject because it has bright job prospects or if you had to choose it under pressure.

Through this article we will focus on making the task of assignment writing easy on you, assuming you have chosen a subject you would like to study further. Let us assume you are a Management student and you have been assigned an Economics assignment to write on. The topic of the assignment is the burgeoning debt of the United States and what the Fed and the Government can do to overcome the problem. Let us look at some steps that would be required in order to complete your assignment:

1. The fist step is to read about the topic as much as you can. Since we are talking about Economics here, many different concepts such as National Income Accounting, Macro Economics and things like Monetary Policy, Inflation, Interest Rates, and Unemployment like together and you must have knowledge of all these areas to be able to complete the assignment well. The assignment must make a mention of all these areas to demonstrate your knowledge and depth of study.

2. The second step is to make notes of all the sources that you have collected information from. These sources are going to be very useful for you when you are done with the assignment because you will have to reference them appropriately.

3. The third thing is to prepare a structure. The structure should have component like Table of Contents, Abstract, Introduction, Body, and Conclusion.

4. Once you are done with the structure, its time to look at your Abstract because that is the single most important component right now. Abstract will give an overall direction to your assignment. You must be very clear about your abstract and how you will approach the assignment.

5. You should then complete the introduction by touching upon the important areas of your assignment and the problem at hand. For example you can talk about where and how the problem started. Here you can mention mortgage crisis of the late 2007 and how it germinated. You can then slowly talk about the bail outs and how the government funded them.

6. The body of the article should be distributed in different paragraphs with different headings. Each heading should represent an important event. The idea is to link them all together so that your assignment sounds coherent. You would primarily explain the concepts you talked about earlier in your introduction. The only difference is that you would explain all those concepts unlike your introduction and try to come out with your own assessment of the effects all those events had on the debt.

7. The last part is a conclusion. Over here you would just come our with some strong recommendations that according to you would solve the problem. For a topic like this for example, a strong and valid recommendation on how the government could boost the economy and increase the growth rate would be ideal. There are many ways of doing that and monetary easing is one of them.

If you follow all these steps you would notice that your assignment was near perfect and it would definitely be appreciated by your tutor.

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