You have to start your thesis, but you have not any idea how to do thesis mapping

Worry no more! Here you will get all the information that you require

In order to get good grades in thesis, you should fully understand how should schedule it.

Scheduling of thesis involves understanding the purpose of your undertaking this difficult task.

You schedule your work so that you know what you have to do and at what stage.

Scheduling prevents from any important task being missed.

Planning your dissertation involves the understanding of every part of your thesis.

I, being an experienced graduate, recommend that you do not skip this important part of thesis writing.

Following is a suggested schedule that can help you out in understanding better:

1. Choosing a topic:

This serves as the clear indication of your thesis content.

Your content should be unique, something that has not been published before.

Get your thesis topic approved by your teacher or committee.

If they disapprove, select another topic.

I would suggest that the topic should be from one of your courses that you must have taken in your masters program.

This will make your research work all the way easier.

Your topic should complement the research objectives that you have taken up.

2. Define your Research:

There will be a specific question that you will be answering.

You will have to conduct a full literature survey in order to qualify and answer that question.

See to it that your question is relating to only one aspect of the topic.

In your thesis you can answer only one question, and that question should relate to your topic in every sense.

3. Choose your Methodology:

Decide which research method you are going to use for the selected topic.

Methods of data collection, data analysis, target group, etc.

Have a sitting with your professor and discuss with him your method.

Make a list of all the tasks that you have to perform, all the resources that you have to look up, make notes for anything important you find out.

4. Time period:

Try and estimate the time that you will take to complete each task before hand.

Time management is very essential in thesis because you have to submit it on time.

Usually data collection takes most of your time.

The quality of your information will determine the quality of your overall argument.

The total length of your thesis should not exceed 10,000 words, and should contain at most six chapters.


To be more effective, at the beginning of each chapter you should state the purpose of the chapter while mapping your thesis.

In the end of the chapter you can check whether your purpose has been achieved or not.


Write a dissertation plan before starting your thesis.
This will help you in following a less diverted path.

You will not forget any important point, and no task will be left out.

You will complete this difficult task on time.

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