Many people wonder how to regularly make a profit from betting. There is a certain small percentage of people who receive a stable income from betting at the sports gambling websites. In this article, we will look at the main factors that affect the possibility of earning money in online betting. 

Who wins at the bookmakers?

There are several factors that determine success:

  • Productive work with statistics;

  • Correct calculations;

  • Psychological stability;

  • Following the chosen strategy.

Some players have a general understanding of how to win at a bookmaker, but when they place bets, this understanding disappears somewhere. Instead, it is replaced by excitement. During losses, they begin to recoup, using aggressive strategies and then do not control themselves anymore. Even if they manage to win something, then they will lose a large amount again. Draining the bank in such cases is inevitable. Gambling and unbalanced people are contraindicated to play in bookmakers’ offices. Although these games are called gambling, the fervor must be cooled. There is a category of people for whom simple calculations are tedious or inaccessible, and there is no need to talk about more complex ones. They are also not recommended to play bookie. Without mathematics, you won't be able to beat the bookie, except on contractual terms. These matches require a separate description, and a very limited number of subs get access to them.

Those who have all the qualities of previous players and use their experience will be able to win against bookmakers. They turn off emotions when making a bet. Sometimes you might think they're robots, not humans. According to statistics, the number of bettors who regularly beat the offices is about 3 %.

How to get a stable income from betting

Let us recall the main factors that make a bettor win against bookmakers. If you ignore at least one of them, then betting will not bring a stable income.

The bank

The bettor must have a bank — the amount of money in the account, which must be used correctly. How to use the bank wisely? To do this, the client must be a player, an accountant, and a little bit of a mathematician. Before making a bet, you need to calculate the amount depending on the selected odd. How to calculate the amount will tell you the Kelly criterion, Miller's management, or the "Flat" strategy. Experienced players break the pot into several parts for different strategies. It's a smart move. You can use it to optimize your spending and increase your income. This technique will be useful if all strategies are checked by the bettor, and all bets are correctly selected for it.

You should always remember that the size of each bet should be determined following the chosen financial strategy. An unmotivated increase in the transaction is not allowed, especially when each subsequent bet is multiplied.

Maintaining statistics of your bets

All bets must be recorded. It is better to make a table in Excel, in which to keep a record of all bets made. There are ready-made templates for players on the Internet. You can download them for free. Statistics are necessary to know exactly how much money you have won or lost in the bookie. With its help, it is easy to find out whether the player is in the plus and or minus at the moment. Experienced players know exactly what income or loss they received in a particular month or week.

Use strategies

To win in bookmakers, you will need one or more strategies. They distinguish sports and financial strategies for betting. With the help of financial strategies, the player determines the size of the transaction with the bookie, calculates his odd, as well as determines the bookmaker's margin, and competently manages the bank. Examples of such strategies are:

  • The Kelly Criterion;
  • Miller's Management;

  • Flat;

  • Plateau.

Sports strategies are adapted to a specific sport. There are many football, tennis, basketball, and hockey strategies. Examples are:

  •  On goal in the first half (football);
  • On total corners (football);

  • 40/40 (tennis);

  • Even-odd (basketball);

  • Total more than 1.5 (hockey).

How to understand if it is a winning strategy or not? Even if you find the same strategy on every betting site, it does not mean that it is correct and that it is easy to win. To assess the prospect of it, you can visit the forum in which to communicate battery. Perhaps there you can find useful information in the form of reviews or results. 

How do I select sports events?

It is no secret that the odds for popular events do not reflect the real balance of power of opponents. That is, they are underestimated for favorites, while they are overestimated for outsiders. Why is this happening? Most people bet on the favorite, think that he can easily win, so the odds fall on them. By lowering the odds, the bookie regulates cash flows in such a way that in any case, it remains the winner. What should you do in this case? Bet on the outsider. Just not so bluntly-on his win or draw. Analyze the line, find popular events where there is a favorite and an outsider. Check whether the odd are really underestimated by the favorite and overestimated by the outsider. As a rule, this is so. In case of large odds – such as 6.7, 9-you can often find a favorable offer. Look at the statistics of the "outsider". It may well be that he has not lost for a long time, so he can be taken with a handicap. Remember that your main goal is to first find events with inflated coefficients, and only then filter them out using statistics. Then you will understand how to win at sports betting.

The number of strategies can be infinite. It is important to watch matches, find interesting patterns, mark important moments for yourself. Sometimes a combination of such notes, observations, and some ideas or thoughts will help to create a new betting technique. Check it, run it on a virtual account. If you master one or more strategies and comply with all the conditions specified above, you will consistently win.


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