It is expected that till 2020 the number of IT openings will rise up with 22%. This mean not only new job position and opportunities but also stiffer and harder competence between the applicants. Some of those jobs will be in USA where the salaries for IT professional is $70 000 - $80 000 per year. The idea to have the nice air conditioned office, free food, and regular credit card refill sound very attractive. As a result, more people will apply for an IT job.

The application process has two main stages - CV check and Interview. The interview could be conducted face to face however it is more probably the applicant to face the recruiter via skype, phone or specialized human resources related online platform. Some applicants have great experience and background which makes them suitable for the desired position. However, some of them are failing the online interview. The online communication often is associated with a nonformal style of talking and not considered some of the main rules of the online business etiquette might lead to disappointment.
Here are some tips that can help the applicants to rise up his or her chances during an online interview.
Prepare your PC - camera, microphone, speakers. Make sure they are working and easy to handle. An IT person could easily get this done.

What your camera will show behind your back ? Not considering this might lead only to photo fun. For example make sure your camera is showing some wall picture, flowers or proper background.

Pay attention no matter that this is an online interview the recruiters might consider your clothes. So fit yourself with clean clothes, for example, a shirt could be a good choice.

During the interview, at least time to time glans a look at interviewer’s eyes, actually look straight into the camera, without staring. To make the eye contact easier, adjust the camera on the middle top of your screen
Be confident and speak slowly. Some of the recruiters might try to provoke you in order to test how you are coping with the stress and the workload. Just stay relaxed. Taking a deep breath and making small pauses before you answers can help you.

Ask a fellow person to “interview” you. This can help you to gain experience, especially if you first online interview is in few days.

No matter that the online communication is taking over, the companies will prefer to work with an applicant that are more suitable not only because of their technical competencies but their soft skills and cooperativeness are on a proper level. And the recruiter might consider any signal, words and gesture you show during the interview.

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Nickolay Peshev is a dedicated Online reputation manager that is deeply interested in coaching and human resources. To him, a proper online presence is a must for any company, that operates online. You can check our job openings here.