Talking to a beautiful woman can leave many men dumbstruck and speechless. It is true when they say that when a person talks, they create the first impression about them. To get a relationship going steady, one of the most vital aspects is the right way of striking up a conversation, which can be pretty tense. It could be quite a difficult task to impress someone on a date and win her heart. Here are a few tips that could be helpful in breaking the ice when you’re out on a date.

Smile and Maintain Eye Contact

One of the easiest things to do while on a date is to smile and maintain eye contact. It doesn’t mean that you have to wear a silly grin across your face but smile with your eyes as you look into hers and talk to her. Be relaxed and never get too excited as you talk to her as it might make her feel uneasy.

Maintain Body Language and Posture

This is one of the most vital aspects that determine a man’s behavior and character. It’s all about feeling confident in the way you talk, in the way you show and express politeness. Always remember that women observe a lot and they can very easily sense if you’re faking it all. Make sure that your sitting posture is straight which reflects your decency and well-mannered nature.

Shower Her with Your Attention

Women love attention and that too when it is being showered by you. It is important that you don’t get distracted by your surroundings and pass side glances at other women while on a date, as women feel insulted and hurt when you do that. Make her feel that she means the world to you and shower her with all possible attention by laughing at her jokes, listening to every little thing that she utters and gently looking into her eyes in silence.

Reveal Your Romantic Intentions Subtly

Without giving an impression that you’re desperate, make it clear to her with your gestures and glances that you have romantic interests toward her. Gentle yet manly gestures such as holding out your elbow so she hooks her arm, being bold to hold her hand in public in a respectful way but never in a vulgar way. If she feels the same for you, although she might seem a bit surprised at first, she’ll be receptive. If it is the other way round, she’ll start feeling uneasy.

Make Her Feel Alive

She doesn't want you to try to make her feel whole. What she wants is for you to make her laugh, scream with joy, run, jump and play like a little girl and make her feel like the luckiest woman in the world! There is nothing more attractive, sexier and more irresistible than that!!!

However bold they might seem to portray themselves as, women are delicate and like to be treated that way. If you want to win your woman’s heart when you talk her, make sure that you make serious efforts at being pleasant, respectful and kind when you treat her.

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