How to Wear T-shirt perfectly

Here are tips for wearing t-shirt perfectly

Get the right fittings

Women look alluring in a tight fit T-shirt. The shape of the top is known to accentuate the masculine silhouette of a narrow waist and broad shoulders. It does not matter what is the built up of the person, a t-shirt plays an integral role in conferring you a masculine look. It is essential that the T-shirt should be fitting in a perfect way and highlighting the best attributes of a man's body without looking similar to skin tight workout top.

Here are some rules for wearing a perfect fitting t-shirt:


The seams of t-shirt should be sitting in a perfect way on the edge of shoulders.


The t-shirt should be long enough that it can be tucked into the trouser. However, it should not be so long that it bunches around the waist. You should make sure that is extending past the hip bones and cover the waistband of the pants.


You should make sure that the sleeves are fitting around the arms and are not extending up to the elbow. In case you possess big arms, you should be looking for slightly shorter sleeves or confer a couple of folds to the sleeves for showing off the guns.

Select the appropriate color

You should be owning some of the basic colors which are inclusive of gray, navy, black and white.


Gray is recognized to be the combination of various shades. Gray is useful in enhancing the shape of the body in a virtual manner. You need to check out for sweat marks which are visible at ease on the dark colors.


Navy contributes to being the primary choice for many men. It looks more suitable for day time and great for the creation of tonal looks in combinations with jeans.


Black happens to be a versatile color option which pairs in a perfect way with most outfit combination. The color tends to fade in no time owing to which people avoid wearing a t-shirt of back color.


White has gained high prominence in complimenting different skin tones. The classic white t-shirt should be an integral part of the wardrobe. You should remember to wash the white clothes together. You should remember not to mix the same with other colors.

Choosing the right fabric

Quality does not have any relation to the weight of the top. T-shirts that have lighter materials may cost you few additional bucks. You should prefer wearing t-shirts which are made of 100% cotton. Pima or Egyptian cotton is worth mentioning in this aspect. They are comprised of stable and long fibers which look thinner, last longer and feel lighter.

Cotton blends are known to be good options. A moderate amount of stretch fibers or elastane is useful for maintaining the shape of the top. Cotton polyester blends can be availed at the reduced cut off from the pocket. They do not require high maintenance as they crease minimal.

Tips to wear T-shirt in style

  • The first thing that requires paying attention is the collar. You require matching the collars while layering. In case you are wearing a jacket with collar, T-shirt requires featuring the similar shape.
  • Crew necks are ideal for men with sloped shoulders or small chest. They are useful in the creation of an illusion of broader shoulders which confer more proportion to the body.
  • V-necks are ideal for men with short height as they aid in creating an illusion of height and length which elongate at the neck. They confer balance to men with narrow faces and long necks.
  • You should avoid tucking your t-shirt until and unless you wear it as a part of the uniform.
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