Oh, how hard it is to be a sports enthusiast nowadays! It is a long time ago when it was enough to have a television at home with a possible subscription to Canal + to enjoy all sports live. With the scattering of television rights and exclusives increasingly negotiated by major TV channels, especially foreign, it has become almost impossible to watch sports live at home without breaking the bank.

Many websites, sometimes questionable and sometimes not always legal, offer live sports streaming services. However, the comfort on these sites leaves something to be desired. Inopportune advertisements, cuts, and bug at the moment fate (ah, these interruptions of the stream at the time of the ball set ... it reminds you something?), Bad video quality, and so on!

For real fans of streaming sports and live sports, it's not acceptable. At the same time, buying subscriptions to 5 sports channels is not an option for most fans, if not outright ridiculous.

The solution that many Internet users already use is to trust a safety playground such as 안전놀이터, to watch live sports completely unlimited. We explain to you why this is a great solution and how to put it in place.

Before that, let's put a little mouth-watering with ... Popular streaming sites:

What are the best live sports streaming sites?
There are countless websites that allow you to stream sports events. Some of these sites are free.


If you want to watch sports from the comfort of your living room or office, you need to know how to watch ESPN streaming. This is one of the most popular sports streaming sites that broadcast events in high definition.


This website is pretty well designed, with all the major sports and tournaments. Most sports content streaming on the site is free, but there is also premium content. To access it, Hotstar also offers an exclusive sports package, extremely cheap. If you live outside of India and can not access free content on the site, you can still use a VPN or proxy to unlock these restrictions.

Red Bull TV

Red Bull TV is the most interesting live streaming site from this list. This free sports streaming site offers a variety of adventure sports, live sports programming, and lifestyle content. The service also offers an original sports program such as Sky Trippers, URBEX, Sheckler, Who is JOB, UCI Mountain Bike World Cup, etc. Another distinctive feature of the Red Bull sports website is the list of athletes by country and sport. It allows you to select your favorite athlete and learn more.

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