Cleaning the entire house with windows is routine work. However, washing a mosquito net is a different scenario. Even though removing dirt accumulated to the mosquito net is advisable, they need thorough cleaning when the mosquito nets get dirty and greasy in the uPVC windows. In such cases, they would need scrubbing so the homeowners can enjoy the panoramic view while being safe from mosquitoes.

If you have decided to wash the mosquito nets thoroughly, then it is a must to take care to ensure there is no damage to mosquito nets.

What are the ways to wash a mosquito net at home?
The washing process depends on what type of net you have installed. The mosquito nets are available in different types. They are:

1. Fixed
2. Removable
3. Roller
4. Decorative or outdoor.

However, all types of mosquito mesh require regular cleansing to ensure they are free from dust, insects, pollen, grease, or any other dirt. Here are some of the steps to wash a mosquito net.

1. Make your cleaning effortless: Regular dusting of mosquito mesh minimizes the dirt. For thorough cleaning, you need the items like

a. A dry and soft piece of cloth
b. Double-sized or masking tape

Dust the mosquito net using a dry fabric of the windows. Cleaning some of the window parts is difficult. So, the best solution would be to use the double-sized or masking tape to eliminate the dirt.

Vacuum the dust: In this method, you would require a vacuum cleaner and a soft brush attachment, which removes all the dust bunnies like cobwebs, sucking the dirt in the vacuum bag without any hassles.

Use ammonia: Is your mosquito net piled up with greasy stains and wet dust? In such cases, cleaning your mesh becomes a challenge. However, you can solve the problem using items like water, household ammonia, spray bottle, and a soft cloth. Here are the steps for cleaning the window.

a. Mix ammonia with water with a proportion of 1:3 to create a cleaning solution
b. Pour them into the spray bottles after mixing them.
c. Spray the solution on the window screens and wipe them with a soft cloth.
d. You would not be able to believe the new look of mosquito nets for windows.

Use the traditional ways of cleaning: Using items like detergent, bucket, water, and a soft cloth is an oldest and most straightforward way of cleaning the window screens. Here is the following procedure.

a. Fill the bucket with water and add plenty of detergents.
b. Mix them well to create a solution.
c. Use the soft cloth and rub it to the ebb of the mosquito nets with vigour.
d. Please avoid using the wire brushes as they cause damage to the window mesh.

If you have installed a detachable mosquito net for the windows, cleaning the screens would be faster and easier.

Washing the mosquito net does not require much effort. It would be better to schedule the day to clean the mesh every month.

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