However, if you want to use sexy high heels to attract others towards you, then you need to use the best suitable sexy high heels for you. The reason is if you don’t use sexy high heels according to your height, weight, skin colour and other physical conditions, then you will not be able to get the best from your expectation. Therefore, it is very much recommended to choose sexy high heels which meets with your body structure.
So how to walk in sexy high heeled shoes? Grab your favorite pair of pumps, sit down, and slip them on. Keep your legs together or crossed if you have company. Now stand up slowly and to get used to the new positioning of your weight. Have something near by that you can grab on to because you might feel like tipping over at first. Once you feel safe, place one foot in front of the other and attempt to move forward. If your shoes have a short heel, then it shouldn't be all that different than usual, but if you have a tall heel you're gonna have to be more careful with your steps. If you put too much pressure on the heel, or you will lose balance or break the heel and fall down.
Keep your body movement lose but controlled. You don't want to swing your arms around like a jogger in your sexy pumps, but feel free to move your hips. The more relaxed you are, the easier it will be to keep your balance. Also, take smaller gentler steps. Avoid sand, dirt, mud, grass, snow, sleet, broken gravel, or any surface that is more difficult to walk on.
If there is a bit of a built in platform under the sole of your shoe, it will lessen the incline, and make standing and walking a little easier. The shorter and thicker the heel of your shoe, the safer you'll feel keeping your balance. Keep a spare pair of flat shoes in your car in case you don't feel safe driving in your high heels or your feet start to bother you. Don't forget that you are the sexiest lady in the room. Confidence is everything.Try not to wear very high heels when you're going to do a lot of standing or walking.
Wearing high heels make a woman look sexier. Once you enter a room, all eyes will be on you. However, it is not the shoes that make a woman sexy but rather the wearer who does so. Walking sexy in high heels isn’t that difficult to do, you just have to know and learn certain things before you step out in the world. As a reminder, you should never buy high heels from an online catalogue where you won’t be able to try them on until it arrives in your home. Even though the description says it is your size, the truth is the shoes do not fit your feet. Finally, remember to put some swagger in your walk while wearing high heels. The key to looking and feeling sexy in high heels is by being confident about it.

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