Do you know how to visualize truly as if it is real?

Do you know the easy way to make your visualization more like real?

Visualization is an important factor of getting what you want. If you really want something you must know what this exactly is. You have to force your brain to know what your goals are, exactly. You must know where you want to be, who you want to be, how you want to feel in the future. Unless you know where to go, you cannot go any further.

Do you know how to visualize? Yes.

Do you know what you can use to enrich your visualization? Yes.

Are you sure really sure that, the things you visualize are your real goals? Yes.

There can be many ways to enrich your visualization to make it more like reality and keep them fresh all the time. A Simple List Keeps Your Goals Fresh.

Before that, there is an important thing you must keep in mind.

Do you know which episode of your life goal to start with visualizing? Yes?

The answer should be yes because it changes the whole effect of visualization. Visualization is really an effective tool for using your mind power through your goals. Unfortunately your brain still keeps secrets.

You should prefer deductive method to inductive method. There are two ways to visualize yourself achieving your life goals;

You can make a forecasting and visualize the moment you achieved your goals and then subsequent to the moment.
You can make a back casting and visualize how your life will be after you have achieved your goals and turn back and imagine the moment you get it.
You may think that; both should have the same effect on the effectiveness of visualization. That’s not true. Even, when visualizing the exact moment or the life after that you think that you’ll feel the same way, it is not the case. Back casters predict more extreme feelings, after they visualized their life subsequent to the moment they achieved your desires and turn back to the moment. Forecasters don’t predict such extreme emotions.

Researchers; Jane E. J. Ebert (University of Minnesota), Daniel T. Gilbert (Harvard University), and Timothy D. Wilson (University of Virginia) examined forecasting and back casting and their effects on motivation to get something.

“These differences in the information that back casters and forecasters consider and in the predictions they make suggest that simply changing the order in which consumers think about a potential consumption event and an upcoming future time period can markedly change their expectations about their feelings following the event,” the researchers explain.

Source: University of Minnesota

Besides, you fail to predict about how you would feel at the moment you get what you want. Even worse, after you really get it, your brain modifies your wrong predictions to your current feelings and you never even notice that. You misremember your predictions.

Researcher Tom Meyvis, PhD, of New York University and his colleagues found out that participants of the study mispredicted their feelings about the time they get what they want. Interestingly, they misremember their predictions of the event.

“People don’t realize they made a mistake, so they don’t learn from that mistake — and keep making the same errors” said Meyvis.

Never give up visualizing but maybe you can change the order of your visualizations.

Don’t start visualizing with the moment you get what you want, as long as you fail to predict your emotions, it cannot be supportive enough.
Try to figure out how your life, emotions and you will be subsequently achieving your goals. Than when you turn back to the exact moment you achieved your goal. This time you will predict your emotions more accurately and strong. Also predicting emotions such a way will put extra power to your visualization and help you see the complete picture of what you want, more like reality.

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Nil Celen is a researcher for the proofs of "Mind Power" based on scientific resources. Researches from Worldwide universities on neuroscience, psychology and much more topics can give you a new perspective about "Mind Power" and how to use it.

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