When do you find your kids the most delighted? Surely when they play! After all, games and children are so inseparable! The glee on those little faces, the bright smiles, and those loud giggles speak for the pleasure and contentment children get when they indulge in playing. Experts say that games, sports, and other such engaging activities always help children be cheerful, happy, and enthusiastic. Rob them of their daily dose of sports, and they will grow cranky.

Studies have also revealed that the mind’s happiness remains closely associated with chemical secretions in the body, which help to keep the physiological parameters maintained. This is why when children engage actively in sports, they grow well and remain comparatively healthier than those who do not engage in any sort of physical activity.  At The Navyandhra School, one of the leading top 5 schools in Gurgaon, we firmly believe that qualities like discipline, self-control, resilience, positivity, and more can be instilled in young minds through sports activities effortlessly.And that’s why we lay special emphasis on the physical fitness of our students and encourage them to engage in sporting activities of their choice.

On that note, let us have a look today at various ways in which you can easily utilize your kids’ natural affinity towards playing to impart them some crucial life lessons.

Let them know that losing doesn’t signify failure

Sports are the best means to teach children that losing a game does not always signify failure. Wins and defeats remain integral to every sports activity. While it surely nurtures the feeling of competitiveness among children, it also helps them comprehend that losing a game does not establish their incompetence. This is surely a great life lesson that every child should learn from an early age. Life always comes up with several challenges, and a person capable of dealing with failure with a positive spirit always wins the race in the end. This is what sports teach the kids, i.e., to stay positive no matter what.

Leadership is a crucial trait of responsible individuals

At The Navyandhra School, we have noticed how participating in team sports helps the kids develop leadership skills. Most games that are played as a team require a captain or a leader who decides for the entire team and also remains responsible for its achievements and defeats. While the leaders are required to share the glory of a victory with all the teammates, they often take the responsibility of a loss on them. This is what a true leader does in reality. They show the rest of the team the right way to follow. When the team succeeds, they share the prize with everyone, while if the team loses, they take up the responsibility upon themselves. Through sports, children learn this priceless life lesson effortlessly.

It is the combined efforts that bear the fruit

Children learn the power of solidarity, oneness, and team efforts through their daily sessions of games out in the field. Hence, when your kids return from the field after the day’s practice to share their success story, help them realize that their success has been a result of the effort everyone has put in. This will help the young minds to understand the power of combined efforts and togetherness.

Social development is part & parcel of participating in sports

 At The Navyandhra School, the top ten schools in Gurgaon we have kept a comprehensive arrangement of different sports activities available within the campus for children to take part in. From a well-arranged American Style Basketball Court to Ski Rings, we keep a variety of sports options available for the kids to pick according to their preference. All these sports activities help develop social skills among children. They learn to understand other’s perspectives, value other’s opinions, and extend assistance when needed. The sight of all the children running to attend the one who might have fallen on the ground while playing paints a heart-warming picture of unity, brotherhood, empathy, and love that strengthen the character foundation of these young buds and thereby contribute to their social development.

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