How to Use Your Voice to Influence-Persuade-Convince Others
• 1. “Tell me something Pop, how much does good-looks, intelligence, and money affect how women see me?”

• 2. “You want the psychology or neuroscience answer? Not much, maybe 15%. You didn’t name the Killer-Factor that others consciously and subconsciously Judge you by.”

• 3. “Tell me, don’t keep it a secret, Pop.”

• 4. “Just listen, don’t tell me you know better. This is based on 25 years of proven science, using fMRI scanning. Hold your water – it’s your Voice.”

• 5. “No way. And don’t say, ‘Yes-way!”

• 6. “Short explanation: men who speak in a D-E-E-P (lower pitch) attract women. Women using a higher-pitch voice attract more men. There are easy strategies to win the game.”

• 7. “That’s what I want to hear, easy-to-learn ways to lower my voice. Does a deeper speaking voice also apply to making executives believe me?”

• 8. “Smart question. Men say they don’t know or care about the ‘voices’ of men they negotiate with, or interview to hire or promote. When they are being questioned under fMRI scans, their brain reveals – a Deeper voice…”

• 9. “Makes for better Persuasion, Influence, and Convincing in job interviews, presentations, and all relationships, right?”

• 10. “Tested and proven since 2,001. Remember this: a lower, deeper pitch of our voice indicates self-confidence
a sense of dominance, and get-this, sexual power.”

• 11. “I bet women get “mental-movies” after hearing deep male voices of hairy-gorillas, six-foot tall, & with big muscles, right?”

• 12. How did you know? And subconsciously, they are healthier and would produce…”

• 13. “Better babies, right?”

• 14. “We know it for scientific fact even when men and women deny it by watching the computer screen using fMRI. Don’t remember this, but it’s a Hierarchy caveman thing.”

• 15. “Who’s the leader of the pack has the deepest voice? Must be a matter of Physical-Dominance.”

• 16. “It’s Darwin, survival of the fittest, Evolution, and Mutations. Ever read Origin of the Species? We still have a Fight-or-Flight syndrome, in a 21st century mind-body connection. Voice makes you SEXY and Dominant.

• 17. “I read that modern civilization is only ten-thousand years old, is that true? Even though I know we have been around 400,000 years.”

• 18. “Close enough, Homo sapiens (wise man) has been separated from Chimps six-million years ago. Still, we have 97% of the same DNA. Our cognitive skills are NEW,
about ten-thousand years old.”

• 19. “Strategies for a D-e-e-per voice, please. I need help in school and my career later.”

• 20. “First, know your Voice-Box is your Larynx. You can consciously control your Pitch-Volume-Cadence (Rhythm) and the Speed with which you communicate.

• People judge your state-of-mind, honesty, and trustworthiness, both consciously and subconsciously by how you sound, your voice patterns. Got it?”

• 21. “I know that, get to my strategies to fix it, Pop.”

• 22. “You have to get this first. Men & women trust people who speak F-A-S-T-E-R than the norm.”
Slow-speech leads them to believe you are dumb or a phony, or both.”

• 23. “I would have thought fast-talkers are the Con-Men.”

• 24. “Rapid speech means you are an expert, and know your stuff, got it, kid?”

• 25. “Well, I am a fast-talker, so that adds one for my side.”

• 26. “Step one to deepen your voice. Start with getting into Alpha brainwaves (cycles per second). You know this one. Four Diaphragmatic-Breaths. On exhaling, make the sound, “Hum-m-Hum-m, Hum-m & Hum-m.” Four times makes it a total of 16 “Hum-ms”. Eye open or closed is OK. Easy, right.”

• 27. Takes about 90-seconds, right Pop?”

• 28. “Yeah, now for Step two: sit down, eyes closed. Mentally visualize a large Bass-Drum. Daydream yourself as this Drum and mentally hear it sounding deep and low.

• 29. “OK, I can do that, Pop. I am a Bass-Drum.”

• 30. “Now to sound like the Bass-Drum, on exhaling, once again, make that deep, low, “Humming” sound, four times. Do it for four-exhales.”

• 31. “I feel like the Drum. My humming is getting deeper.”

• 32. “Step three: take the thumb and index-finger of your left hand and make them touch. The other three-fingers spread out. Go two-inches below your BellyButton.”

• 33. “Got it, my left hand is placed just below my navel, not army. That’s a joke Pop. My left hand is resting on my lower abdomen. Where is my right hand?”

• 34. “Two inches below your Umbilicus (navel) is known in Yoga as your “Deliberate Intent”. It a two-pointed strategy. The left hand is controlled by your Right Brain.

• 35. “The Righty controls emotion, pattern-recognition, spatial skills, and creative-imagery. Very powerful, right?”

• 36. “Exactly. Righty is doing the work. It runs your goals and desires. You can activate your Deliberate INTENT by visualizing your successful Goal as completed.

• “Example: daydream after the interview, you were offered the executive job at $90K annually. See yourself holding a hiring bonus of $10K. S-M-I-L-E and hold it for 17-seconds.

• Oh yeah, your Right-Hand is across your heart, same as saluting-the-flag. Wait. Your right hand is the second- point. It carries the electro-chemical signal to DO (physically) what you desire.”

• 37. “The entire strategy shows why, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” Last element: V-A-K.

• 38. “Whatever you write or type, immediately crosses over the brain area called Corpus Callosum. That is the communication network between left-&-right hemispheres.“

• 39. “And this really works?”

• 40. “Takes about 3-minutes daily for seven-days. Just remember: when you activate your Deliberate-Intent, you are in alignment between your beliefs & your goals.”

• “Repeat Aloud or Mentally (silently). “I am deepening my voice – permanently.” Repeat and Emotionalize the six-words four-times. And you are done.”

• “Kid, it works if you follow this step-by-step Yoga strategy exercise.”

• Remember, “Turn-on, Tune-in, and Tap-in.” to your Deliberate-Intent. It’s your Willpower on Steroids.
Copyright © 2013, Bernard Wechsler

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