Article Title: How To Use Your Brain (And Most Importantly, the Subconscious Mind) to Get What You Really Want Out Of Life
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How to use your Brain (and most importantly, the Subconscious Mind) to Get What You really Want?
How to Ensure Success: in Business and in the 'Game of Life'

Author's Note:
In addition to my own research, in this article I have "borrowed" some ideas from two articles: 'Internet Millionaire Mind-set: Is Your Brain Sabotaging Your Marketing Success?' by Rick Miller. In turn, Rick's article was based upon an adress by T. Harv Eker.

The other article is: 'How to Identify Unconscious Beliefs' by Edwin Harkness Spina (

Your contribution is gratefully acknowledged and thanks for sharing, Rick, Harv and Edwin.

Have you ever wondered why some "lucky" people seem to always attain success, no matter their field of endeavour?
Do they have some 'magical power' and use a 'force' to achieve their personal goals - a "mystique" that you and I don't?

Here are some important introductory points to be aware of (Can I end a sentence with a preposition, craig?):

* The subconscious mind is like an ice berg, as most of it (apparently 70-90%) lies deep beneath the surface (of our conscious minds).

* As such, the subconscious is much more powerful than our conscious mind.

* Your subconscious mind may (and consequently your existing beliefs, both conscious and sub-conscious) may actually be holding you back from the success you want - in business and in life.

Here are a few tips in making the most use of your subconscious mind - to harness its amazing potential to the maximum… to get what you really want out of life.

1) Self Knowledge and Self Awareness is the KEY. (Then self- acceptance too, I "guess"!) As is inscribed on the Temple of Apollo at Delphi, "Know Thyself": your strengths, weaknesses and areas to work on.

An important aspect of "knowing yourself" is examining and then understanding (or at least try to!) the beliefs held. The
difficulty is that most of our beliefs are subconscious. That is, they have been accepted in our minds without ever having been analysed and validated, as being the TRUTH. So examine your existing beliefs: Do you honestly believe it's very difficult to become wealthy, or that having money is bad, business-people are greedy (and only motivated by money) and so on?

2) Don't blame others for your situation in life. You may be a product of your past, but you don't have to be a "prisoner" of it! Also don't be tempted to blame others (especially parents) for inserting existing false beliefs into your "top two inches". Take RESPONSIBILITY for the outcome of every action you
CHOOSE to take in your life.

3) Stop complaining about your apparent lack of progress, or "perceived failures", as you journey down the 'river of life'. When you complain you are focusing on a "problem", instead of a solution; so PRESS on with an attitude that 'things will work out for you'...somehow. Even in the midst of greatest difficulty, think that 'this too shall pass'.
The amazing power of the subconscious will cause a solution (or solutions) to simply flow into your head, but only when you are in a state of relaxation.
("Let go, let God, let good").

Part of "knowing yourself" is understanding your beliefs, both conscious and unconscious. The difficulty is that most beliefs are subconscious. They have
been accepted without ever having been critically examined.
If you are suffering from low self-esteem (perhaps), believe, really BELIEVE you are worthy/special and a "unique creation of God"...
and you'll surprise yourself at the changes in your life... for the better.

The key lies in our beliefs, which determine our expectations. I strongly believe that our thoughts influence our reality (as well as our perception of reality, ie the science of manifestation). But how do we manifest our individual realities? Sounds very "airey-fairey stuff" now, Craig, but the principles are true and DO work, if implemented properly!

Our thoughts are usually a reflection of our beliefs and attitudes. If we want to change our reality then we have to change these beliefs and attitudes that shape our thoughts.
The Universal Law of Attraction states that what you focus on expands. The Law of Attraction states that you will attract to yourself those experiences that match your beliefs: These beliefs then create your EXPERIENCE of reality. So focus on what you DO want, rather than on what you don't want. Then what do you think you'll get?

KNOW what you want to do and what you want out of life.
Aim to go nowhere and you're sure to get there.

So aim for clarity - CLARITY in your "tinking".

3) Use the tremendous power of INTENTION. When we create clarity we set out with an intention. When we move that intention forward each day, we create momentum. And every small action I take each day over a sustained period just builds up, like a giant ball of snow rolling down a mountainside.

Raise the bar of your personal and business goals. Higher and bigger goals (which provide focus and direction) will usually spark your enthusiasm and energy, so making them easier to accomplish. WE GET WHAT WE EXPECT. The Universe usually gives us precisely what we ask of it…eventually. So be persistent and patient in realising your personal goals and even your ultimate dreams.

4) Bless that which you DO want and give thanks to the Universe (or your understanding of a Higher Power) in ADVANCE of receiving it. If you see someone with a fancy car, or pass a nice house, don't be "enviously negative" (as even a sense of envy used positively can inspire one to greater efforts and heights). Say "good on them - they must have worked hard for it and deserve it... and one day I'll do the same thing". This "secret" principle of "shooting out positive thoughts" (even to strangers) alone will cause 'blessings' (both material and spiritual) to start flowing into your life 'effortlessly'.

* THINK right
* BELIEVE right
* ACT right

William James once wrote, "The world we see that seems so insane is the result of a belief system that is not working. To perceive the world differently, we must be willing to change our belief system, let the past slip away, expand our sense of now, and dissolve the fear in our minds."

CHANGE your BELIEFS (the negative ones) and you CHANGE your life! Once we manage our BELIEFS and THOUGHTS we manage our lives. (Not much need for psychiatrists and "pick-me-up" pills then!)

The quality of your thoughts will determine the quality (and future) of your life.
Put these "mind-set secrets" into effect, then practise this "pattern of thinking"...and you'll discover that you will experience dramatic success in all areas of your life.

Live with an 'attitude of GRATITUDE' for the many blessings you already experience and whatever path in life you may CHOOSE for yourself

Plant the seeds of success in the 'soul of your being' and you WILL manifest the ideal life for YOU!
As Hamlet said: "Always to thine own self be true" (thanks, dearest mom);
then you will be HAPPY

Craig Lock ("Information and Inspiration Distributer, Incorrigible Encourager and People-builder")

"God desires us to soar with the eagles...
and not scratch with the turkeys and sparrows."

"The task ahead of you can always be overcome by the power within you...and the often seemingly difficult or even "impassible") path ahead of you is never as steep with the great spirit that lies
within you."
- craig

“Together, one mind, one life at a time, let's see how many people we can impact, empower, uplift, encourage ... and perhaps even inspire to reach their fullest potentials.”


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“Together, one mind, one life at a time, let's see how many people we can impact, empower, uplift, encourage ... and perhaps even inspire to reach their fullest potentials.”