Preparing Fish After Going Fishing

An important part of fishing is cleaning and preparing your catch. It is important to note that there is much work that would subsequently go into preparing the fish to a state which is suitable for consumption. There are also different types of fish which require different methods of cleaning or preparation. The following are some of the important stages in the process of preparing fish prior to consumption.

Soon after catching a fish you should properly store fish until you take it to a location where you can clean it. Fish meat tends to spoil rather quickly therefore make arrangements to have a cooler box with you on the boat. Ideally the fish should be cleaned without one to two hours after catching it. For fish with scales, the scales need to me wet to make them easier to remove.

For a better cleaner process you should use a fish cleaning table to properly clean fish. Ideally the table should be situated outdoors. Cleaning fish indoors in not much recommended as it could leave behind nasty stains on countertops and walls which are difficult to remove. Most marinas also have common cleaning stations you could use as well. If not, find a stable surface at a height you are comfortable working at with a water source nearby.

Fish Cleaning Products And Techniques Used

Apart from access to a fish cleaning table, you would need to gather some supplies which are required for the process. These include a bucket or bin to store fish parts to be discarded, a pair of working gloves, cutting knives, a container to hold the cleaned fish to be rinsed, and a storage container or cooler box to keep the cleaned fish until cooking. Some of the cleaning techniques involved are as follows.

  • Cleaning fish with scales – this would require a butter knife or specialized scaling tool. Start from the side and work towards the gills when scaling. By applying the right amount of pressure the scales would be able to be removed easily. Be careful not to add too much pressure as it might end up gashing the fish.
  • Cleaning a fish with skin – when skinning a fish such as catfish it is best you wear gloves as the sharp spines could lead to injury. You would also need a pair of pliers to peel off the skin and if it is difficult to peel, try loosening the skin using a knife.
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